Covid, outbreak in the gym in Milan: cases increase – Chronicle

Covid, outbreak in the gym in Milan: cases increase – Chronicle
Covid, outbreak in the gym in Milan: cases increase – Chronicle

Milano – Two new positives connected to Covid outbreak of the Virgin Active gym Milan Città Studi, discovered in recent days. The total, therefore, goes up to 12 almost: they are all in isolation. ATS Metropolitan City of Milan has requested sequencing for all positives: per A case, already communicated, it is about Delta variant (formerly Indian), while laboratory results are pending for the other 11. Only one in 12 cases was hospitalized while the others are followed up at home.

I’m 140, still explain from the Health Protection Agency, the gym-goers who have been invited to undergo a molecular or antigenic swab in the doctor’s office or drive-through after being spotted by trackers for having “close contacts” with at least one of the ten infected between May 24, when the club reopened, and May 31, the day the last positive customer attended. The chain of gyms yesterday, with a note, assured “to respect all the sanitation measures provided by the Government, both in individual training and in the conduct of collective classes. Virgin Active Italia immediately made itself available with the Ats by sharing the data requested regarding the attendance of the club for the appropriate checks, with the aim of protecting the health of its collaborators and customers in the most rigorous way “.

Among the many rules imposed by the CTS protocol for the reopening of sports centers there is also that of track attendance at the plants. The ten frequenters of Virgin di Città Studi who tested positive for coronavirus, as far as Il Giorno can reconstruct, would have attended some courses in the gym. Furthermore, the person who then tested positive for the Indian variant would be already been vaccinated with at least one dose of antiCovid; which presumably made the health authorities suspicious, who thus ordered the sequencing of the swab.

That of the Città Studi gymnasium is by no means the first case of an Indian variant recorded in Lombardy, where the “Delta” mutation was sequenced for the first time in the positive swabs of five passengers from a charter from India that landed in Orio al Serio on 3 May. And it would not be new even if this variant, which according to the British health authorities is 60% more contagious than the Alpha mutation (the old “English variant”, in turn more infectious than the coronavirus-base), had managed to infect a vaccinated, as shown by the case of an 83-year-old from the province of Cuneo who tested positive for the Delta mutation at the end of May despite having already received two doses of the vaccine. Which, the experts reiterate, serves in the first place to protect against serious illness, and in fact the elderly Piedmontese had not developed important symptoms of Covid.

Although cases have been identified in different regions, at the moment in Italy, explained the president of the Higher Institute of Health Silvio Brusaferro, the circulation of the Indian mutation it is “still contained below 1%”. While in Great Britain it is now responsible for 90% of the infections that are rising, so much so as to push the British government to evaluate the postponement of the total reopening scheduled for 21 June. The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala yesterday commented on the case of the outbreak in the gym referring to England, “the country that first vaccinated and opened, and there are cases of return”; and added, on the eve of Lombardy’s entry into the white zone which tomorrow will also make the curfew disappear, that “it is right to reopen but it is clear that the situation must be monitored. I do not think we will get rid of the pandemic quickly, or at least it will not be more a pandemic but that attention should remain yes “.

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