Fontana: ‘I hope that limitations will be enough from 12 April’ – Chronicle

“The last thing we lack is for the vaccines to arrive, but I am convinced that the commitments that have been made will be respected and that this great operation will begin on 12 or 13 April and we will be able to say enough of these too many limitations that we are undergoing” , said the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, during the inauguration of the vaccine hub ‘Giuseppe Zamberletti’ of the Schiranna of Varese with the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini.

“I thank Guido Bertolaso ​​who from the moment he was called to Lombardy has been working tirelessly to carry out this great mass vaccination project”, he added.

The new Vaccinal Center of Varese was dedicated to Giuseppe Zamberletti, a political historian who passed away in January 2019, who among other things was responsible for the birth of the Italian Civil Protection. A hub, assembled by the Italian Army, which at full capacity will be able to vaccinate up to 2,500 people a day and which will be the reference point for the administration of the entire Varese capital and neighboring municipalities. 20 vaccination lines are available for a campaign that will approximately involve 300 thousand people. In addition to Guerini and Fontana, the mayor of Varese Davide Galimberti also inaugurated the structure.


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