Easter and Easter Monday in lockdown, here are the exemptions granted and the rules for the municipalities in the red zone

Easter and Easter Monday in lockdown, here are the exemptions granted and the rules for the municipalities in the red zone
Easter and Easter Monday in lockdown, here are the exemptions granted and the rules for the municipalities in the red zone

Until 5 April Sicily is a red zone, like the other Italian regions. However, the restrictions in force allow some exceptions on the occasion of holidays: on Easter and Easter Monday you will have the opportunity to visit friends and relatives (maximum two adults and any children under 14) but within the same region and at their homes. The derogations granted for the holidays cannot be applied in the 31 municipalities where the “red zone” has been established, not as a preventive measure as for all Italian regions, but because of the serious epidemiological situation due to the increase in infections.

Easter and Easter Monday in the red zone, what can be done and the prohibitions to be respected

As far as catering services are concerned, national regulations will still be applied in Sicilian municipalities declared “red zone”. Here are the rules valid until Monday:


Transfers are allowed between 5am and 10pm for reasons of necessity, health or work. It is allowed to move to a single inhabited private home, and in any case for no more than once a day, within the limits of two more people than those already living together. Within the limit of two persons, however, minors under 14 years of age over whom parental responsibility are exercised, or persons with disabilities or non self-sufficient living together, are not taken into account. The self-declaration form is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior. Couples living in different cities can reunite where they reside. The same applies to meeting with minor children, even in the case of divorced or separated couples.

Closed shops – Bars and restaurants: take away only. Reception activities in operation but with restrictions

The shops remain closed except for those that sell essential goods: food, pharmacies and parapharmacies, newsstands, tobacconists. Children’s clothing stores, telephone shops and hardware stores remain open. It is forbidden to consume food and drinks inside restaurants and other catering activities (including bars, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, etc.), but also outdoors, near commercial establishments. The sale with take-away of food and drinks is allowed from 5 to 22: from 5 to 18, without restrictions; from 6 to 10 pm it is forbidden for subjects whose main activity is that of bars without a kitchen and other similar establishments (Ateco code 56.3). Home delivery is allowed without time limits, but must take place in compliance with the regulations on packaging and product delivery. It is also allowed, without time limits, the consumption of food and drinks inside hotels and other accommodation activities, only for guests staying.

Second box

Those who own or are able to prove a long-term rental, stipulated before January 14, 2021, can go there. The second house must be empty and can only be accessed by family members.

Sports activities

Sports activity is allowed within the territory of one’s own municipality, from 5 to 22, only if carried out individually and outdoors, maintaining an interpersonal distance of two meters.

Prohibitions in municipalities declared “red areas”

(Ribera, Comitini, Racalmuto, Siculiana, Palma di Montechiaro, Porto Empedocle, Santa Margherita di Belice, Lampedusa and Linosa, Montallegro)

1) Prohibition of access and removal from the municipal area, by public or private means, except for travel motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons. Transit, in and out of the municipal territory, is always allowed for the return to one’s home, home or residence; transit to reach second homes (non-main homes) is forbidden on entry and exit.
2) The transit, in and out of the municipal area, is allowed for health and social-health workers, for personnel involved in assistance to activities relating to the emergency, for the entry and exit of food products, health and essential goods or services, reach additional territories not subject to travel restrictions. Transit, in and out, remains permitted to guarantee the activities necessary for the care and breeding of animals and the non-deferrable business activities connected to the biological cycle of plants.
3) Prohibition to circulate, on foot or by any public or private means, in the municipal area with the exception of proven work needs, for the purchase of food and basic necessities, for health reasons, for state of necessity unexpected.
4) Suspension of all public office activities, without prejudice to the provision of essential and public utility services.
5) Suspension of retail commercial activities, except for the sale of food and basic necessities, even if carried out in medium and large retail structures (including shopping centers).
6) Closure of shopping centers or outlets.
7) Newsstands, tobacconists, pharmacies and parapharmacies remain open according to ordinary working hours.
8) Furthermore, the sale with home delivery of food products and fuels for domestic use and heating is always permitted.

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