Former PM Angioni: “Denise Pipitone is alive and has a daughter”

Former PM Angioni: “Denise Pipitone is alive and has a daughter”
Former PM Angioni: “Denise Pipitone is alive and has a daughter”

“Denise Pipitone is alive and has become a mother”.

The former prosecutor Maria Angioni is convinced of this, who in the past dealt with the case of the child’s disappearance in 2004 in Mazara del Vallo.

In recent years, the former prosecutor has continued to informally investigate the matter, which still presents many mysteries to be solved: “Thanks to two people, I identified a person who could be Denise and I discovered that she has a daughter. I sent everything to the prosecutor’s office and to Piera Maggio’s lawyer, Frazzitta. I have been a hitter in recent months, now we need hunters but without harming anyone ”, explained Angioni.

“My idea is that Denise is alive and is placed in some family that has ties with the kidnappers or with some members of which they have had ties with the kidnappers. It is not certain that she is in a Roma family, she must be sought in environments that are difficult for us to inspect. The Roma track can be connected to the video of that lady from Milan, but we don’t even know if she is a Roma. Let’s say it was a group that perhaps begged for alms “, added the former prosecutor.

Statements that were commented by Giacomo Frazzitta, lawyer of Denise Pipitone’s mother, with great prudence: “We invite everyone – journalists, magistrates or lawyers – to exercise the utmost caution when news spreads that may be unfounded or contain elements not found or not found and which may constitute an obstacle to the work of the Marsala Public Prosecutor “.

The lawyer, who claims to speak on behalf of Piera Maggio, has ruled out having received any reports in this regard.

“However, we do not see the need – he said again – to provide particularly detailed information, whether or not it is the result of the indications of a mythomaniac or which should also be founded, because it is still being examined by the judiciary”.


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