The dem candidate who embarrasses the Giallorossi

The dem candidate who embarrasses the Giallorossi
The dem candidate who embarrasses the Giallorossi

Between the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement, he still does not get good air. Despite the leaders Enrico Letta and Giuseppe Conte on TV and his social networks persist in proposing a structural and organic alliance in all ways, on the territories there are still tears and frictions that risk undermining the stability of the Giallorossi project. The embarrassment between dem and grillini has increased in the past few hours, when the results of the primaries revealed that Stefano Lo Russo will be the mayoral candidate of the center-left in Turin. Added to this is the sensational flop that marked a negative record for the Democratic Party in the city: the number of voters collapsed to 11,631, reduced to a fifth compared to the 53 thousand consultations indicated by Piero Fassino 10 years ago.

The embarrassment of M5S and Pd

There is also a big problem that causes frost between the Nazarene and the pentastellato group: Lo Russo in recent years has been the archenemy of Chiara Hangers. There are even those who consider him the toughest opponent of the first town. The hard stance of the Democratic Party cannot be forgotten after the communication of the renunciation of the encore by the Appendino: “She is certain of being defeated in 2021, she remembers the fable of the fox and the grapes and it doesn’t surprise us at all. A kind of commander Schettino in Savoyard sauce that abandons the ship that led to crashing on the rocks“. Lo Russo had gone down hard, completely rejecting the five years of the Grillina administration:”Five years of bankruptcies and a city more in difficulty than before that now counts the days that separate it for the start of a new phase and the definitive closure of the M5S bankruptcy experience“.

The Giallorossi wobble

This is a bad blow for the Giallorossi team-mates, whose unity and compactness is thus put at great risk. Also because the double arrived last night for the 5 Stars blow: not only Lo Russo will be the candidate of the center left, but the other dem in the race Enzo Lavolta – despite the various endorsements arrived from the Grillino world – stopped in third place with 25% of the preferences.

And this is by no means an isolated case. Just look at what happened in Rome, with Roberto Gualtieri who will challenge Virginia Raggi and the Giallorossi front will therefore be split. The former Minister of Economy expects to receive the votes of the pentastellati voters in a possible ballot, but he has probably forgotten the recent harsh accusations against the current mayor: “He failed deeply and betrayed the promises of change made to the Romans 5 years ago. The decay is disastrous“. It is no coincidence that Gualtieri is convinced that he will go to the ballot with Enrico Michetti of the center-right:”Raggi ruled badly, he made some mistakes. The main one is for fear of not making mistakes did nothing“.


dem candidate embarrasses Giallorossi

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