“Big enigma”. Because the delta variant can change everything

“Big enigma”. Because the delta variant can change everything
“Big enigma”. Because the delta variant can change everything

Great Britain was one step away from “free all” but Boris Johnson takes time and postpones the day of ‘Freedom Day’ initially scheduled for June 21: the variant indiana (or Delta) is scary after the new surge of new cases (7,490 in 24 hours) up 49% compared, and eight deaths.

Why the variant is worrying

Scotland also had to pass to a level of zero restrictions in the coming days, on June 28, but the Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is taking time and in the next few hours will decide whether to adopt the Johnson line without. If in Italy the situation is still under control, the first signs of the danger of the Indian variant occurred in Milan, inside a Virgin gym, where ten people were positive, one of which, with certainty, was affected by this mutation of the virus despite having already completed the vaccination course. The outcome of the sequencing will tell if, in the next few days, the other affected patients will also have contracted the Indian variant. TO worry it is the high transmissibility similar to the South African variant (60% more than the English variant) but above all the ability to escape vaccines that worries the experts the most. “If the person was completely immunized, this thing deserves a study to understand what happened: meanwhile, see the immunological status, if there were other pathologies that we do not know or if it is a simple resistance to the vaccine and undoubtedly we must prepare for a problem“, said Guido Rasi, former Ema director and consultant to the Covid emergency commissioner Figliuolo, during the Agorà broadcast.”This gym has to become a prototype of studio to understand how the infection happened, because it looked like a seriously organized gymnasium, which worries even more. It must be understood – has explained – he cannot escape making it become a prototype of study, a modeling. It is vital for the resumption of all activities“.

The risks for Italy

Italy is the second country in Europe (after Germany) for the number of vaccinations, the average of 500 thousand inoculations per day is now routine and people have acquired a minimum of security after a year and a half of suffering. Does the Indian variant, however, risk messing up the cards on the table or will we be able to keep this umpteenth mutation of Covid under control? “He’s a big one enigma“and it is necessary”to see if it causes a form of flu or a serious illness, must be studied very well and must be sequenced a lot“, added Rasi. Prof. Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, is also worried.”The English situation must worry us because we must monitor and ensure that there are no Indian variant clusters, we need careful surveillance that with the current Italian numbers (1,000-1,500 positive) we can sequence all the new infections and check if there is the variant“, he affirmed to theAdnKronos. What may happen, as you can see, is difficult to interpret: the latest ISS report, however, which dates back to May 18, speaks of a prevalence of 1% of the Indian variant in Italy, a percentage which should not scare but which could be increased over the weeks. Fortunately, at the moment, there are no alarming variations in the trend of daily cases and deaths with the numbers getting lower and lower.

What awaits us

If British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the one in place “it’s a race between vaccines and the virus, and the vaccines will win” Why “it’s just a question of speed“, the real danger for Italy is not so much of contracting a more powerful and dangerous virus but that it can insinuate itself among people not yet vaccinated or those who have received only one dose: these are the” cracks “mentioned by Prof. Fausto Baldanti, director of the virology laboratory of San Matteo in Pavia, in an interview with Republic. “To be protected you need two doses, the data is now clear. The English case is the clearest confirmation“, said the expert referring to the increase in cases in Great Britain that we talked about at the beginning risks In this situation, cancer patients, people undergoing treatments that suppress immune functions and dialysis patients risk not receiving all the benefits of the vaccine: in Italy there could be between half a million and a million people , the Indian variant could do serious damage to them. And then, the increase in white areas and the “free all” of the summer, combined with the resumption of travel, could bring the new strain to us too with a comeback of infections in the autumn period as happened last year, with the virus that has “returned” from Spain, Greece and Croatia with summer tourism. “To prevent frail patients or those who do not respond to vaccines from being at risk due to the delta variant, they may need to be vaccinated with a third dose“says Baldanti. We are sailing on sight: no one has a crystal ball, we do not know what will change in one, two or three weeks. We must not be discouraged but continue to remain attentive and protected.

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