Andrea Pignani, who was the Ardea killer

Andrea Pignani, who was the Ardea killer
Andrea Pignani, who was the Ardea killer

Andrea Pignani, who was the killer who shot and killed two children aged 5 and 10 and a 74 year old in Ardea.

The killer who, on the morning of Sunday 13 June, murdered two children aged 5 and 10 in Ardea and a 74-year-old man was identified as Andrea Pignani.

Andrea Pignani, who was the Ardea killer

Andrea Pignani, 35, is committed suicide inside his home shortly after shooting two siblings aged 5 and 10 and a 74-year-old elder.

The final gesture was made later trading hours conducted by the carabinieri while the killer had barricaded himself in the house.

Following the man’s death, investigators are investigating for outline the figure of the murderer who took the lives of three people on the morning of Sunday 13 May, in Ardea, in the province of Rome.

Based on the first information leaked, Andrea Pignani was a computer engineer and appears to have never been reported for quarrels or riots previous events occurred in the area in which he lived or was in drug treatment for psychic problems.

So far, investigators have identified a only episode of violence in the past of the Ardea killer to be traced back to some threats aimed at the mother, over a year ago. In this circumstance, it was necessary the intervention of the authorities who had taken steps to transfer the man to the hospital to subject him to some tests.

Andrea Pignani, who was the Ardea killer: the gun used

Andrea Pignani’s three victims were killed with one Beretta 7.65 caliber pistol, registered in the name of the killer’s father, who died in November 2020 and, until then, employed as guard sworn.

In relation to the statements made by the Tor San Lorenzo carabinieri station, it seems that the authorities were not aware of the possession of firearm by the family since, after the death of the security guard, no family member had taken steps to report his existence.

The dad by Andrea Pignani had duly declared and held the gun in Rome until November 2019. Later, then, the weapon had been transferred by the security guard to Colle Romito with a regular medical certificate delivered to the Exhibition Commissioner. At the same time, he had also done request for transfer of the weapon, obtaining the clearance.

Andrea Pignani, who was the killer of Ardea: the mayor and the lawyer of the victims

About the dramatic story, the mayor of Ardea expressed himself, Mario Savarese, who said he was convinced that Andrea Pignani knew his victims: “He fired with the intention of hitting, otherwise he would have fired at random”.

Despite the mayor’s claims, however, law enforcement has not discovered any link or history between the killer and Domenico Fusinato, father of the very young victims who is serving a sentence under house arrest, nor with the 74-year-old. On the contrary, it seems that the man was seized by a sudden raptus, which ended with his suicide.

The triple murder was also commented on by the lawyer of the father of the two killed children, Diamante This, who asserted: “This is a tragedy. The murderer recently threatened his mother with a knife. Last November the father who held the weapon regularly died. None of his relatives returned that gun. Today he found it, left the house and killed three people ”.

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