“Germs of racism”. US universities against Latin and Greek

“Germs of racism”. US universities against Latin and Greek
“Germs of racism”. US universities against Latin and Greek

In the United States the mania of the politically correct and the consequent hunt, in the university and cultural sphere, for “germs of racism“have made yet another victim: Latin and Greek. Le classical languages in fact, with the rage of the “cancel culture“, in the sights of two prestigious universities: Howard University, in Washington DC, and Princeton University, in New Jersey. The two educational institutions have recently decided to make a radical change to their educational programs, with all due respect to their centuries-old and renowned tradition of research in the Greek-Roman historical-literary trend.

The two universities have established that the study of the two languages ​​mentioned will be weakened for “foster the proliferation and spread of a non-racist culture and diversity“In detail, Howard, in a climate of enthusiasm and tolerance towards the extremist positions of Black Lives Matter, has decided to close his department of classical studies, despite the generations of black university students who have attended the latter and who today they teach and pass on the cultural legacies of the ancient world to pupils from all over America. As for Princeton University, its leaders have decided to cancel the obligation for graduates in classical subjects to know Greek and Latin to access specialization courses. A professor from this university, Dan-el Padilla Peralta, then claimed the goodness of the decision in question hoping that Greeks and Romans will come “removed from their pedestals“, since, according to him, the classical languages ​​would be the”idiom of authority“.

Against the choice of the two cultural institutions, several petitions have been launched, promoted by many former students, including people of color, from the same universities. According to some commentators, the war declared by the leaders of Howard and Princeton against the artistic and literary heritage of the Greco-Roman world is based on the assumption, also shared by some radical democratic parliamentarians, that the language and works of authors such as Plato or Cicero would derive the “white culture“, That is the”bianca suprematist culture”, Progenitor of brutal ideologies such as colonialism, racism, fascism and Nazism. The teachings of the ancients, of which Martin Luther King was paradoxically a great admirer and connoisseur, would consequently be, argue the promoters of “cancel culture“, dangerous and detrimental.


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