AFTER THE G7 / Biden pact with Draghi to rule Europe

AFTER THE G7 / Biden pact with Draghi to rule Europe
AFTER THE G7 / Biden pact with Draghi to rule Europe

The official photos put him in the second row, but Mario Draghi does not care much: it slips away like the pressures that the parties in Rome give him. In reality, the premier has returned from the Cornish G7 different from the way he left. It is above all to sanction the change the axis with Washington. The times when Donald Trump tweeted in favor of his friend “Giuseppi” are long gone, and so are the leaks of the Northern League towards Russia and above all of the grillini towards Beijing. China remains an uncomfortable interlocutor, as confirmed by the challenge launched by the meeting between the ambassador to Italy and Beppe Grillo. But the Cornish G7 and the bilateral agreement between Draghi and Joe Biden put the seal on the clear turning point announced by the premier in the inauguration speech: “The two pillars of our foreign policy are Europeanism and Atlanticism”, he reiterated in Carbis Bay. .

The White House is now betting on the Italian Prime Minister to establish a dialogue with Europe. The iron ally remains Great Britain, but the detachment of London from Brussels requires the United States to consolidate other points of reference overseas. And at the moment Draghi appears to be the most reliable. Angela Merkel is at the end of her mandate, Emmanuel Macron is busy deciding on his presidential future. Draghi, on the other hand, is at the beginning of a commitment that sees him firmly at the helm of the government until 2023, but he could also take a leap towards the Quirinale or to Brussels. Italy is also responsible for the presidency of the G20, therefore an important role of mediation with Russia and China. Both Biden and Draghi find it convenient to strengthen relations.

Draghi won’t use Washington’s backing as Conte tapped Trump’s tweet. However, in Europe its profile has strengthened. In the general uncertainty, the former president of the ECB appears to be an essential reference, and this will be convenient for Italy when it comes to the heart of the management of the Recovery fund. The European rigor party is always lurking and Draghi now embodies not the Italy that criticizes Europe regardless, nor the one engaged in endless negotiations to snatch concessions from Brussels, but the one that rolls up its sleeves and tries to put to good use aid on the way.

In Rome, however, it takes more. None of the parties that support the government is enchanted by the endorsements received by Draghi, as no one bows before his past. The strength of the Prime Minister is what he has shown in recent months: clear ideas, a few words understandable to all, the ability to intervene on the facts, as happened during the G7 when it was created in the government the communication short circuit on vaccines. On the one hand, Minister Speranza limited the use of Astrazeneca to over 60s, on the other Commissioner Figliuolo complained about the risk of a slowdown. Draghi was absent from the British summit and phoned both of them dictating the line: no further delay in the vaccination campaign. The real challenges that await the executive remain: the reform of the justice system and that of the tax authorities. Here the pat on the back from Biden is of little use.

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Biden pact Draghi rule Europe

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