Bologna today in the white zone. “But high alert” – Chronicle

Bologna today in the white zone. “But high alert” – Chronicle
Bologna today in the white zone. “But high alert” – Chronicle

Bologna, June 14, 2021 – Chaos AstraZeneca it also touches Bologna. “Unavoidable – the director general of the Ausl immediately says, Paolo Bordon -, we are too reshaping reservations, especially for calls. Today we will take stock with the Region “.

The latest circular from the Ministry of Health ‘Update’ of the CTS opinion on vaccines, indicates that the vaccine Vaxzevria di AstraZeneca, “is only given to people aged 60 or over” (full course of vaccination, ie first and second dose). For people who have received the first dose e I am under 60 years of age, is the ministry’s indication, “the cycle must be completed with a second dose of mRNA vaccine (Comirnaty di Pfizer o Moderna), to be administered 8-12 weeks after the first dose “. On the Bologna area of ​​the Ausl, thousands of appointments risk being rescheduled.

“In the same way – continues Bordon – we will have fewer vaccines and this is not good news. But I trust in the words of the general Son who reassured on the point. There will be some decline, but it will affect all of Italy. I want to be optimistic because we can’t afford to slow down right now. “

Now that Covid hurts much less and hospitals, especially the terapie intensive, are now back to almost normal. Bordon’s goal is clear: ending August with 75-80% of people vaccinated with at least the first dose. Data to date: half of the 799,497 vaccinables (from 12 years upwards) have received the first dose, or 399,632 people. From today, however, reservations are open for the age group from 25 to 29 years.

«The numbers are on our side, we are working great. We have reached 85.7% of the over 60s who received the first dose, 45.5% of the 40-59 year old group, while we are at the beginning with that between 12 and 39 years old (15.9%). We will have to work hard with Pfizer and Moderna between the ages of 12 and 59. “

Password, therefore, reprogram. “If, for example, a teacher under 60 who had taken the first dose with AstraZeneca and was ready for the second, – adds Bordon immediately – will now be subjected to Pfizer or Moderna”. Then the reassurance: “To date we have not had any serious cases, the classic reports of fever but nothing more. People spend more time for their medical history, they ask for more information, they are worried by all the news that arrives every day “.

Meanwhile today, while thethe new hub vaccination set up by the Bonfiglioli company – the fifth company selected by the Region -, from today the whole region can celebrate the white area: more freedom in travel and off the curfew, with bars and restaurants open in the evening and indoors without time limits (maximum 6 people at the table indoors). But that’s not all, Bordon thunders: “Forbidden to let your guard down and stay alert. Let’s not ruin everything right now.”

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