The super eco-bonus in the region is already worth over 60 million: 468 cases open

The super eco-bonus in the region is already worth over 60 million: 468 cases open
The super eco-bonus in the region is already worth over 60 million: 468 cases open

UDINE. In Friuli Venezia Giulia, the 110 percent super eco-bonus on energy and seismic redevelopment interventions is already worth 60 million 420 thousand 984 euros.

This is the amount of the works admitted as project deduction against the 468 applications submitted up to 3 June last.

The amount recognized as a deduction on the works already carried out is equal to 39 million 569 thousand 878 euros.

This was revealed by the national report compiled by the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea) analyzed by the deputy of the 5-star Movement, Luca Sut, group leader of the Productive Activities Commission in the Chamber.

Also following the Simplifications decree which facilitates the administrative process of the practices, Sut estimates, for the next few months, an exponential increase in applications.

With all that follows, given that the municipalities do not have enough staff to respond to the various these.

The period analyzed by Enea takes into consideration the first months of application of the 110 percent super eco-bonus, these are questions relating to works planned before the tax deduction enters into force.

The admitted interventions

Expenses incurred for energy improvement, from the construction of the thermal coats to the replacement of the boilers, are admitted as a deduction as long as the overall performance improves the energy class of the building by two levels.

The super eco-bonus enhances existing deductions for energy and seismic redevelopment of first and second homes.

Accessing the seismic bonus is easier: the right snaps bringing a small seismic improvement.

The recourse to the super eco-bonus is also giving new life to the real estate market since those who buy a redeveloped accommodation have the right to the deduction.

No type of entrepreneurial activity can resort to the super eco-bonus granted, at the moment, exclusively for the redevelopment of residential buildings, public houses, non-profit organizations and sports associations.

The admitted works

Having said that the largest number of applications concerns condominiums and single houses or independent units, the tax deduction is required above all for the construction of coats, solar and photovoltaic systems, storage systems, columns for charging electric cars, the ” installation of gas heat pumps and condensing boilers, the remaking of roofs, the replacement of fixtures and floors.

Scrolling through the list it is easy to understand that, towards living and energy saving, a new sensitivity towards the eco-sustainable change is being consolidated.

At the moment the region with the highest number of accepted applications is Lombardy (2,439) followed by Veneto (2,388), the Valle d’Aosta behind with about forty approved applications.


At the base of the difficulties encountered so far to access the super eco-bonus there are the tight deadlines and the bureaucratic tasks that do not always allow the procedures to be closed within the established times.

The M5s has focused attention on this aspect, which after having obtained the extension of the benefit until the end of 2022 now insists on asking for an extension until 2023.

Prime Minister Draghi has already shown his willingness to extend the time frame through the budget law.

So far, there are over € 18.5 billion on the plate to finance the bonus. –

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