China, radioactive leak from Taishan nuclear power plant

China, radioactive leak from Taishan nuclear power plant
China, radioactive leak from Taishan nuclear power plant

Framatome, a company of the French EDF group, said it was monitoring “the evolution of one of the operating parameters” of the Taishan nuclear power plant, in the Chinese province of Guangdong. The plant is currently within the parameters of operation and authorized safety “, specifies Framatome, which participated in the construction of the plant, after the news of the Cnn of an accident at the plant he worked on.

For several days, the US authorities have been following the developments of a radioactive leak from a Chinese nuclear plant. The complaint was made by Edf who owns the plant and helps it to manage it, which has warned of an “imminent radio threat”.
The news was given there Cnn, which claims that the company has also denounced local authorities who in the meantime have raised the allowed limits of radiation detected outside the nuclear power plant, in order to avoid having to close it.

The accusation is contained in a letter sent by Framatome to the US Department of Energy. For the moment, the Biden administration believes that the installation is not yet “at crisis level”. And China reassures about the operation. China General Nuclear Power Corp. said environmental indicators in and around the Taishan plant are normal.

Unit 1 of the Guangdong plant is operating normally and unit 2 was reconnected to the grid last week after an overhaul, the company note posted on the plant’s website reads. Bloomberg. The units have a combined capacity of 3.3 gigawatts and went into operation in 2018 and 2019.

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