The Figc: “Mandatory first aid courses for footballers”

The Figc: “Mandatory first aid courses for footballers”
The Figc: “Mandatory first aid courses for footballers”

The move by the FIGC after Erkisen’s illness and Kjaer’s timely maneuver: “We will enhance the rapid intervention on the pitch. We have already gone to the club and Azzurri retreats”

A compulsory first aid training course for Italian footballers. Certainly in professionalism, “but also trying to extend this initiative to the amateur sphere as well”. Gabriele Gravina announces the turning point born from the dramatic moments after Christian Eriksen’s illness and from the decisive role of Captain Kjaer in the rescue.

“Our cardiology and our sports medicine – says the president of the Football Association – have produced scientific studies appreciated all over the world and the compulsory medical examination is an essential tool to reduce risks. Beyond an in-depth study on what it happened we will try to enhance another factor, and that is the timely and effective rescue in the field “. And so here is the way to the operation.

in retreats

“During the retreats of the individual teams, on the basis of the work that our federal medical commission chaired by Paolo Zeppilli is starting to prepare since this morning, first aid training courses will be organized. And in the meantime we will start already during the national team retreat. “. The birth of the courses will become a condition for the granting of national licenses, as is already the case for the training of technicians.

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