“Nightmare minutes, punches in the face. I locked myself in a closet” – Libero Quotidiano

“Nightmare minutes, punches in the face. I locked myself in a closet” – Libero Quotidiano
“Nightmare minutes, punches in the face. I locked myself in a closet” – Libero Quotidiano

Davide Aiello, a member of the 5-star Movement denounced in a post published on his profile facebook to have been the “victim of a vile physical aggression occurred against me in the main square of Casteldaccia by a person who, before the attack, accused me of having reported to the Chamber of Deputies the episodes of swap votes that took place during the administrative elections of 2018 “. The pentastellato parliamentarian was treated and visited by the emergency room doctors of the Palermo hospital Buccheri La Ferla Aiello then added that “This will not stop me in the future from freely carrying out my role as parliamentarian”.

“They were nightmare minutes, I was suddenly struck by a thirty-year-old I know who lives in Casteldaccia only for having denounced the exchange vote in the courtroom at Montecitorio. In a second the discussion escalated and I felt the punches on my face. I ran away and luckily the bartender in the square gave me refuge, locking me in a closet to prevent him from beating me up. Only when he realized that the carabinieri were arriving did he move away and I was able to go out “, Aiello then said, who was attacked by FP, 30 years old with a minor criminal record, in the central square of the municipality of the province of Palermo. was treated in the emergency room in Palermo and has a prognosis of 5 days.

“We will never stop and so will our Davide in denouncing, openly, in the institutional offices, the underworld, the exchange vote”, say in a note the parliamentarians of the 5 Star Movement, members of the anti-mafia commission. “This aggression demonstrates how we were right and how our political action is effective. Full confidence in the police and in the judiciary who will shed light on the matter and bring the person responsible or those responsible to justice”. “Come on Davide, you are not alone“, he adds Luigi Di Maio, “We are on your side and all the respectable citizens who live and work honestly. We do not let ourselves be intimidated and we go ahead with our heads held high. Our commitment to the territories does not stop”.

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Nightmare minutes punches face locked closet Libero Quotidiano

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