Foa (Rai): production centers? It is not a competition, Milan is an excellent project

14/06/2021 | 13:35

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“I believe in four production centers. It is fundamental, it is not a competition, it is not a question of taking away from one to give to the other because the blanket is short ”. So the president of Rai. Marcello Foa, on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Prix Italia, organized by Rai in Milan. “There are needs that a production center has and that a large company like that of Rai must go to satisfy – explained Foa -. I am very much in favor of Saxa Rubra having to be restructured; I am very much in favor of Naples being strengthened, it is a very important center; Turin is a heritage, it must be strengthened ”.

On Milan, added Foa, “we have worked out with all the directors of Rai a project that in my opinion is excellent and that allows us to be modern in Milan and to make up for the current gaps with a project that is also economically very sustainable”. According to Foa, “the time has really come to strengthen all Rai in a managerial perspective where this is necessary. Investments in Rome are welcome. There is no Rome-Milan match, that’s not the point. The controversies of these days damage Milan and damage Rome. While we all united we must fight so that Rai has those investments that are responsible for remaining competitive between now and the next ten to fifteen years, because in the context of growing digitalization “. Then he concluded: “Either we calibrate new industrial policies or equip ourselves with the necessary infrastructures or the risk is that the whole Rai will decline. In Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin “.


Foa Rai production centers competition Milan excellent project

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