A common line would be needed to vaccinate those who have already had covid

A common line would be needed to vaccinate those who have already had covid
A common line would be needed to vaccinate those who have already had covid

The vaccination campaign in Lombardy is traveling at full speed. General Figliuolo, Fontana, Moratti and Bertolaso ​​have set up a real war machine that works like an assembly line. But there is a though: there seems to be no common line on the management of vaccines for those who have already contracted the coronavirus. I have tried it (literally) on my skin.

Small step backwards: in November both my partner and I had to deal with covid. Fortunately we did not develop a serious form, indeed the real problem was being locked in the house (a 60 square meter one-bedroom apartment) for 28 days. Our quarantine ended on December 8th when we received the result of the swab carried out the day before: negative for both of us. We both booked the anti-covid vaccine on Wednesday 26 May at 9:35 pm. Same place (the Cerro Maggiore vaccination center) but with only one day of difference since Giulia managed to slip in exactly 24 hours before me. We both received an injection of Pfizer but for Giulia it will be the only one, I will have to make the recall at the end of July. The question arises: why? In the end we have a completely identical profile, we are “young” and without health problems.

Two isolated cases, of course not: Elisa (31-year-old professor) contracted covid in October, at the end of March she received the first dose of Astrazeneca and a few days ago she had the recall with the drug from the Anglo-Swedish house. Same thing for Luca, a 31-year-old caregiver who contracted covid in early October and received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

In short: the second dose for those who have already contracted covid is at the discretion of the doctor who takes the medical history before inoculation, as can be read in the Faq of the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa) below.

Can anyone who has already had a COVID-19 infection confirmed by molecular testing be vaccinated?

In subjects with a previous SARS-CoV-2 infection (which occurred symptomatically or asymptomatically) it is possible to consider the administration of a single dose of anti-SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 vaccine provided that the vaccination is performed at at least 3 months after the documented infection and preferably within 6 months of the same. This is not to be understood as applicable to subjects with immunodeficiency conditions, primary or secondary to pharmacological treatments, in which it is recommended to continue with the authorized vaccination schedule.

A common line would be needed on these cases otherwise there is a risk of creating more confusion than that generated with the Astrazeneca vaccine. And we can’t afford it.


common line needed vaccinate covid

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