G7: Weber, stop to approach too naive with Beijing

G7: Weber, stop to approach too naive with Beijing
G7: Weber, stop to approach too naive with Beijing

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12 February 2020, France, Straßburg: Manfred Weber (CSU), leader of the EPP group, sits in the European Parliament building during an EPP press conference on the defence against the corona virus. The virus, which originates from China, has so far claimed over 900 lives worldwide. Photo: Philipp von Ditfurth/dpa (Photo by Philipp von Ditfurth/picture alliance via Getty Images)

“The G7 and the West have finally understood what China means. In the past, everyone saw it in their own way: a developing country, a large market, a systemic competitor. Now there is a common approach, the signal that we have understood the level of the challenge and that we must face it together ”. This was underlined by Manfred Weber, president of the deputies of the European People’s Party in the Strasbourg Parliament in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’, commenting on what emerged from the G7 on relations with China.

“I really appreciate the harsh language of the final communiqué on respect for human rights and the right to freedom, in the case of Uighurs and Hong Kong,” added Weber, according to whom “words are not enough. It is time to invest. For us Europeans, for example, it means developing a much more ambitious policy for Africa, including for the fight against the pandemic. In general, we must wake up from a too naive approach: before doing anything, it is important to more effectively protect our industry from the onslaught of Chinese investors, especially state-owned ones. The Commission is working on it ”.

In recent months, the Italian premier Draghi blocked the purchase of an Italian company of semiconductor components by a Chinese holding. “I congratulate Mario Draghi, but we need a European-level approach against state-funded Chinese companies – he continued – China must respect the rules of the WTO and those of the labor market, not using forced labor. An international competition has equal rules for all, respected by all. This is the message of the G7 and the West. The US and the EU together represent 50% of world GDP and have the potential to impose this new course ”.

Finally, President Weber explained how in general the “success” of the Draghi government “is in the interest of Italy and the future of Europe. In this transition phase, Draghi can point Europe in the right direction ”, he concluded.


Weber stop approach naive Beijing

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