Milan, outbreak in the gym: positive delta variant vaccinated

According to the health authorities the gym of the Città Studi district of Milano where a Covid outbreak he would have complied with all the rules. The activities immediately restarted after the sanitation, also creating discontent among some customers, as reported by Corriere della Sera. Many would have complained that Virgin Active would not have made it known to those who attended fitness classes in which at least ten people would have been infected.

The news of the outbreak was given by the newspapers and not by the managers of the activity, although all the people at risk were immediately contacted by the health company operators and invited to undergo the swab.

The test would be performed by ben 140 individuals, between gym customers and their close contacts. So far, only ten infections have emerged, and one of the positives has been infected with the Indian variant, recently renamed delta variant.

According to reports from the Corriere della Sera, it would be a person who had already completed the cycle with the two doses of Covid vaccine.

The Ats has ordered the sequencing on the other nine to see if others have also been infected with the dangerous strain of the virus, and the first results should arrive this week.

Positive to the Indian variant in Lombardy: how many are there

Fausto Baldanti, head of the molecular virology laboratory of the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia, explained to Corriere della Sera that it is not the first time that the Indian variant has been detected in Lombardy.

“In our experience, we have been intercepting since January twelve almost. Among these, eleven were travelers returning from India and one was a native infection. All not vaccinated “.

The data was collected with the surveillance active, or in-depth analysis following the detection of new clusters. Furthermore, once a month the ISS arranges sample sequencing on positive swabs to verify the incidence of variants among the population.

The latest survey of 18 May identified six cases of B.1.617.1 and B.1.617.2, therefore of the delta variant, with an estimated prevalence in all the inhabitants of the region of 2,5%.

Positive for coronavirus variants after vaccine: the point

“I’m low numbers. And no wonder the infection in a vaccinated. At San Matteo out of 4 thousand immunized, 33 yes. I am reinfated, all with an English variant, and all without symptoms or with mild symptoms, ”said the expert.

“It’s wrong to let your guard down, but it’s just as wrong bandage the head in advance ”, stated Fausto Baldanti in the pages of Corriere della Sera.

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Photo source: ANSA

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