Pfizer and Moderna in Lazio, new recall dates after the no to Astrazeneca. The guide

Pfizer and Moderna in Lazio, new recall dates after the no to Astrazeneca. The guide
Pfizer and Moderna in Lazio, new recall dates after the no to Astrazeneca. The guide

Vaccine, change the date of the recalls Pfizer e Modern in Lazio. Once again. And now it has been restored to how it was originally: 21 days. On the other hand, the CTS has expressly indicated that the interval between the first and second dose of messenger RNA vaccines can be between 21 and 42 days. No contraindication therefore. And so, if in early May in the region led by Nicola Zingaretti the second dose of Pfizer had been moved to 35 days to allow for an increase in the number of people who had been injected at least one dose, now the appointment day has changed again. Even in this case, however, a decision by the Technical Scientific Committee had an impact.

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WHAT’S UP – On Friday the CTS experts banned the injection of the vaccine Astrazeneca to the under 60s. The Region therefore immediately communicated that all the appointments for the Anglo-Swedish drug were canceled, while, for the recalls, the anti-Covid preparations with Rna messenger would be continued: therefore Pfizer and Moderna. “The doses are not lacking now,” confirms Roberto Ieraci, scientific director of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in Lazio. But the risk was that the vaccination campaign would slow down. Thus the Regional Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato made the decision to restore RNA vaccines at 21 days.

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WHAT CHANGES – But who does the second dose of Pfizer and Moderna at 21 days apply to? Only at the “last reservations left on Sunday at 24:00”, as they know from Pisana. In this way, those who book today, Monday 14 June, will have the opportunity to make the recall after 21 days and no longer at 35. This is to meet the deadlines set for the vaccination plan and thus be able to start closing the hubs from August. And for those who already have a fixed appointment? Nothing changes, the recall remains after 5 weeks. In fact, his reservation has already been included in the agenda and the vaccination cycle will be completed before August: that is the moment in which the aim is to have injected the first dose to all citizens of Lazio.

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