Mass vaccination for Covid-19 also protects the unvaccinated

Mass vaccination for Covid-19 also protects the unvaccinated
Mass vaccination for Covid-19 also protects the unvaccinated

The data comes from a study in Israel and claims that for every 20% of people more vaccinated, the number of positives among the unvaccinated decreases by double.

(Foto: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Good news on the front Covid vaccines gives Israel, the country that implemented one of the fastest vaccination campaigns in the world by immunizing the 50% of its over-16 population in sunshine 9 weeks. A new studio just posted on Nature Medicine highlights how mass vaccination has a protective effect also towards the not vaccinated: as the percentage of people immunized (with the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine) increases, the number of infections among the unvaccinated drops drastically.

Researchers from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Maccabi Healthcare Services and Tel Aviv University analyzed vaccination logs and test results (PCR) for coronavirus in 177 communities, geographically separated and with different vaccination coverage rates, for the period between 6 December 2020 and 9 March 2021.

In doing so they found one correlation evident between the percentage of vaccinated (1.37 million people aged 16 to 50 who received at least one dose of Pfizer vaccine) and the number of infections among the unvaccinated population (under 16). In particular the data suggest that every time the percentage of vaccinated grows by 20%, and almost di coronavirus positivity among the people non vaccinate decrease by double.

According to scientists, research confirms that people vaccinate they are less likely to get infected, and even when they do they have one low viral load with little chance of passing the infection to others.

As the immunity conferred by the vaccine increases among the population, in short, the unvaccinated are less likely to encounter infected and contagious people.

The data, the authors point out, does not take into account the immunity that may have been acquired naturally and, although encouraging, are preliminary and will have to be confirmed from further studies.


Mass vaccination Covid19 protects unvaccinated

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