Covid, new change in the vaccination plan: Pfizer at twenty-one days

Covid, new change in the vaccination plan: Pfizer at twenty-one days
Covid, new change in the vaccination plan: Pfizer at twenty-one days

The vaccination plan is still changing in Lazio. The Pfizer recall will return to 21 days. In all likelihood starting from bookings from 1st July onwards.
The regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato explains: «We are in an important and complex moment of the vaccination campaign. General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner of the Covid emergency, used the term flexibility.
We are drawing inspiration from this concept ».

Only a few days ago the AstraZeneca recall for the under 60s stopped. Hence the decision of the second heterologous dose, i.e. with a different vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna. We recall that last May 17 there was a decision to postpone the Pfizer recall to 35 days. Now yet another twist, with D’Amato’s will to go back to basics, that is to say 21 days for the recall.

The reason was explained by the newspaper La Repubblica.
Noting: «It is the consequence of the AstraZeneca impasse: since we need more Pfizer for the recalls, we have to take it off somewhere else.
To do this, the path was chosen of postponing the appointments for the first doses to young people not yet booked, but at the same time anticipate recalls.

With the release of tonight (ed: yesterday for the reader) for the 24-17 year-olds, the appointments for the injection (Pfizer or Moderna only) can only be found in July, with references however to 21 days. In this way, Lazio still aims to reach the goal of 10 August with 70% of adults vaccinated with a double dose ». As for Ciociaria, in the week that has just ended, the incidence of new weekly cases per 100,000 inhabitants was 14.25. The previous week of 11.74. These are now low values.

In the period February 26-March 4 it had been 299.
From 27 February to 5 March the cases had been 1,493, with an incidence of 312.997 per 100,000 inhabitants, from 6 to 12 March they had risen to 1,738 and 364,360. From 13 to 19 March there were 1,500, with an incidence of 314,465.
In the week of the peak (November 2-8) the incidence was 428,511. In the week between 19 and 25 March, 1,139 new infections were detected by the Asl of Frosinone. This resulted in a weekly incidence of 238.78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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