TMW – Buffon launches his academy: “The goal is to become a university of goalkeepers”

TMW – Buffon launches his academy: “The goal is to become a university of goalkeepers”
TMW – Buffon launches his academy: “The goal is to become a university of goalkeepers”


Gianluigi Buffon throws his academy: “We will follow what I think can be the method, I’m not saying better because having this kind of certainty would be crazy, but it can have bases that can help kids develop their talent, and passionately cultivate what has been the work of my life, which must be respected. We have already had countless contacts and requests also from abroad to be able to move to work there, it is something that we will take seriously as early as next year, because the enthusiasm aroused a lot. As in all things, if I work hard and put my face to it, I want them to be done in the best possible way. It is a need that I have always had as a footballer and even more so when we have the ambition to transfer a certain competence to the boys. It is a complicated job and must be done with great passion, I am convinced that we will soon become a global point of reference. This is our goal, to become a kind of goalkeeper’s university, where everyone can decide to join, to experiment. The other goal is to make the kids who participate leave with the feeling of having had a unique experience. By being in contact with them, I think we are achieving this and we still want to improve if it is possible.

The goalkeeper feels within him a natural transport, a love, for the parade. It also takes a component of madness and not indifferent courage. Like all things in recent years there has been an exaggeration in wanting to use the goalkeeper in a certain way compared to what his goal really is, which is not to concede a goal. The tactical evolution means that the goalkeeper has to give the ball to you, I find it right and for this reason I also wanted to continue playing. It has been an improvement in my career, but you shouldn’t overdo it. A goalkeeper must find pleasure in making an extraordinary save, not an assist.

What changes between a goalkeeper who seeks the save and one who instead covers the mirror?
“There are two philosophies, the wait-and-see, those goalkeepers who try to occupy as much space as possible in the hope that the ball will hit, then there is the more proactive one, you look for action. For culture and character I have always liked to go to the seeking an intervention, but I certainly do not condemn the other choice “.


TMW Buffon launches academy goal university goalkeepers

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