‘Skam Italia 5’, Netflx confirms the fifth season in 2022

We had left them there on that beach in the early summer, that leap into the unknown after high school in what could have been the last season of Shame on Italy, one of the most loved series by teenagers in recent years, remake of the Norwegian one which, however, in Italy has become a completely different phenomenon (production Cross Productions – Timvision). Today Netflix announced instead that Shame 5 it will be there and will arrive on the platform in 2022.

‘Skam Italia 4’, Bessegato: “The boys, Islam, dinners and Osvaldo radio ‘. All the secrets of the series most loved by children

Chiara Ugolini

14 May 2020

In four seasons the series directed by Ludovico Bessegato has told many love stories, that of Giovanni and Eva (which spans all four seasons), the beloved one of Niccolò and Martino, that of Eleonora and Edoardo and finally the story of Sana, Italian Muslim. What will happen now that high school is out? There are no indiscretions, we can only report what Bessegato had answered a year ago to the question whether he would have preferred to follow his protagonists after graduation or, like a teacher, welcome a new generation of children. “It would also be nice to have new young people coming to Radio Osvaldo … – he said – We have left so many characters with potential stories to tell, so many themes if I ever have to go on. But if I had to choose I would like to carry on this process of maturation, see how they relate to university, with going to live alone, with some jobs. They were 16 when we met them and now … We’ll see. For the moment I want to try to enjoy this a little what, of this moment, we will see later “.

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