Roma Metropolitane, trade unions: now a chronic lack of liquidity

Roma Metropolitane, trade unions: now a chronic lack of liquidity
Roma Metropolitane, trade unions: now a chronic lack of liquidity

Rome – “Roma Metropolitane now lives in absolute chaos: during a meeting last June 3 with the company’s trade union representatives, the Liquidator announced that the lack of liquidity has now become chronic and that, consequently, the salaries of female workers and the workers will be partially paid, a situation which has come about due to the expiry, on 31 December last, of the service contract that Roma Capitale had with the company, a contract that was never renewed ”. Thus in a note the Regional Secretaries of Filt Cgil and Fit Cisl, Daniele Fuligni and Luigi Benedetti, together with the RSA Luigi Venturini and Vincenzo Ceravolo.

“As is known, Roma Metropolitane is in liquidation and words of support had been expressed by the competent Departments for the start of the company’s ‘performing’ return path, through which it would be possible to proceed with the renewal of the service contract but despite the fact that the Capitoline Assembly had also expressed itself several times in favor of this process and its implementation in a very short time, the same remained in a state of ‘good intention’ and indeed, thanks to the announcement of the Council to carry out a merger of Roma Metropolitane in Roma Servizi per la Mobilità, it seems that the path of reorganization has been abandoned and thus the umpteenth turn of the story has been given to the company’s events, all naturally without the convening of a discussion table with the trade unions well-established practice of this Administration. “

“On the whole boulder of the Court of Auditors which, with the publication of Resolution 47/2021 on 3 June, clearly focuses the incompleteness of rationalizations, the lack of controls and investments, improper financial and accounting mixes, violations of the spending limits of some investee companies of Roma Capitale, de facto disapproving of the management of the Executive “.

“Specifically – continue – the financial statements of the 2016-2018 three-year period, approved in 2021, of Roma Capitale are defined as unreliable and the Court of Auditors notes that, unlike the provisions of the previously approved rationalization plans, the decision to liquidate Rome Metropolitane represented a different management choice, taken moreover without knowing the economic and patrimonial situation of the company in an adequate manner “.

“The workers whose salaries are again questioned, and who still face uncertainty about their future due to the twists and turns of the council in the management of the affair and to which the Company’s intention to resort to a second round, even more burdensome than the one suffered previously in the months of February March and last April, of layoffs is expressed “.

“In considering all this unacceptable – they add – we want for the umpteenth time to call Sole Shareholder and Directors to a firm assumption of responsibility by immediately convening a union table and taking every action necessary to avoid yet another sacrifice of workers for a situation for which they are not responsible but which, on the contrary, continue to suffer together with the loss of professionalism and skills necessary for the development and functioning of Roma Metropolitane ”.

“We also distrust the top management – they conclude – reiterating the state of agitation of the staff, to take unilateral actions, immediately communicating our implementation of every action to protect the workers of the company in the appropriate forms and locations . “

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