Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: un super tablet in super sconto

Also because of the smartworking, more and more people decide to buy a generously sized tablet: it is comfortable, the screen is large enough, the autonomy is more than enough for a day of work and, if necessary, it can also be used for leisure.

If the main purpose of buying the tablet is the work from homeHowever, there are a couple of details that shouldn’t be underestimated before buying: the tablet will have to be very powerful and, perhaps, it must also have a nib which will allow us to work much more effectively by accurately selecting the elements on the screen. A tablet like this, therefore, it cannot be low cost but you have to look for it in high end of the market. High-end that, as we know, is dominated by Apple’s iPads and Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs. In particular, speaking of the Android world, the choice often falls on the range Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ which, let’s face it, are the Ferraris of Android tablets and, in fact, they cost quite a bit but. But, luckily, Amazon offers exist.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 +: technical characteristics

Samsung Galaxy S7 tablets revolve around the chip Snapdragon 865+, enhanced version of the Snapdragon 865 that equipped all top smartphones in gamma 2020 (including the Samsung Galaxy S20). There is very little to say about the power of this chip: it is a lot.

The Galaxy S7 is a model with 11-inch screen of great quality, with refresh rate up to 120 Hz. The RAM is 6 GB and the storage space of 128 GB, expandable up to 1 TB. The battery is very large: well 8.000 mAh. The connection is 4G LTE.

The Galaxy S7 + is even better: 1.2 inch SuperAmoled screen, same memory configuration but battery from 10.000 mAh e 5G connection.

Both models are equipped with S Pen nib, with 4,096 pressure levels for incredible accuracy. Thanks to the function Samsung Dex you can easily connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to these two tablets and turn them into powerful laptops.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 +: how much they cost

From the technical characteristics just described it is clear that we are talking about two top tablets in gamma, with a price that matches the performance, quality and assistance offered by Samsung.

The list price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is in fact 849 euros, which however drop to 615 euro thanks to the 28% discount.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11 inch Tablet with S Pen – 4G version

The list price of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + is 1,149 euros, which however drop to 835 euro thanks to the 27% discount.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 + 12.4 inch Tablet with S Pen – 5G version

It is, respectively, a discount of almost 235 euros and over 313 euros for two products that are not sold and shipped by Amazon but both benefit from the classic Amazon Customer Protection.

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