“It was not a crazy gesture, but a real execution. There is something more” – Libero Quotidiano

“It was not a crazy gesture, but a real execution. There is something more” – Libero Quotidiano
“It was not a crazy gesture, but a real execution. There is something more” – Libero Quotidiano

Something is wrong with the madness that prompted a man from Ardea, Rome, to open fire on three innocents: a 74-year-old on a bicycle and two brothers in the park. What happened on Sunday 13 June has something inexplicable second Franco Bechis which defines the crazy gesture as a real “execution”. On the columns of the Time the director of the newspaper retraces the story and those dramatic hours in which the man, the 34-year-old Andrea Pignani, he was defined as “psychologically unstable”: “And certainly seeing a man pointing the gun to the head and throat of two puppies like David and Daniel cannot make you believe anything but madness”. Yet, compared to the news circulated on the alleged Tso immediately “there is no official trace of it, and indeed the hypothesis was denied by the mayor of Ardea who should have signed them and kept a copy. For sure we only know that the gun that Pignani was holding was that of his father, who was a vigilante and died at a young age a few months ago. “And that’s where the first doubts arise:” That gun – he explains Bechis – it had to be returned by the family and to tell the truth the claim by the public security authorities immediately after the death of the only one who had the right to have it in his hands. But it was not made. “A very serious choice, even more so considering that those who lived in that house had been reported to the police very recently for having threatened their mother with a knife.

But that’s not the only doubt. “The murder – we read again – yesterday morning had the modalities of a real execution, as if a killer were shooting and not a man not used to handling weapons and in the grip of madness. Andrea did not leave the house with that gun shooting wildly at everything and everyone and by chance hitting those who passed by. He chose his targets and took aim to fire deadly shots. The impression is that there is something more to discover“.

Investigators are also trying to clarify a tragedy that has left everyone stunned. At the center of the investigation also “if the killer and the children’s father had ever met before, they had argued”. Dad was under house arrest for a sentence for drug trafficking and last year in the first instance he was sentenced to two years for an alleged ambush of two pizza chefs from Ostia linked to the Fasciani clan.

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