Ardea, why did the killer have a gun? A year ago the attack on the mother with a knife

Ardea, why did the killer have a gun? A year ago the attack on the mother with a knife
Ardea, why did the killer have a gun? A year ago the attack on the mother with a knife

Voices and stories that run after each other. And not only in the area of Colle Romito. But in all Ardea. Andrea Pignani, 35, a computer engineering degree in his pocket and no job, had psychiatric problems and was known and feared for his aggression. He shouldn’t have handled the beretta 7.65 with which yesterday he killed a man and two children in cold blood before committing suicide. Now to reconstruct what happened before and what was done to avoid a tragedy that now seems announced, the investigation by the prosecutor of Velletri Vincenzo Bufano it revolves precisely around that weapon and why no one officially took charge of Pignani’s mental illness. The magistrate has opened a murder case, but could soon hypothesize other crimes. At risk of being accused are Pignani’s mother and sister.

The gun, regularly held by the murderer’s father, who was a security guard, was neither returned nor reported after the man’s death in November. Yesterday the two women were summoned to the police station conducting the investigations and were heard by the prosecutor. But they weren’t the only ones to answer the magistrate’s questions. Even the mayor, Mario Savarese, was invited by the military to establish, probably, if the town was aware of the danger of the man, subjected in May last year to mandatory medical treatment after the military intervened at the request of the mother attacked with a knife. In the evening the president of the Colle Romito consortium, Romano Catini, was also summoned to the barracks.


The two women, heard as witnesses, claimed that, despite having searched for the weapon, they had not been able to find it. But there is not even a report of the loss of the gun, illegally detained by the family. “Unfortunately – explains Vincenzo Del Vicario, of the Savip private security union – there are no automated and interconnected systems for monitoring weapons and a security guard can hold up to 3 guns and 200 cartridges”. Yesterday echoed in the park of the Pleiades where his two children were killed, the screams of Domenico Fusinato, the father of Daniel e David, defended by the lawyer Diamante Ceci,: “They keep me under house arrest for some drugs and no one controlled this with the gun, and look what he did.”

Pignani’s mother told investigators that her son had always been problematic, since the time they lived in Cecchignola, before moving to the small villa in Colle Romito at the end of 2019. Shy and introverted, his condition had worsened “after he was left by his girlfriend, a young Portuguese. He had holed up in the attic, he hardly ever went out ». Yet his presence had made itself felt within the consortium, although no one, according to the investigators’ records, found the courage or ever decided to denounce him openly. President Catini spoke of «various quarrels with the consortium members, against whom he brandished the weapon. Sometimes he also shot in the air, but we thought he was a scacciacani ». Recently he had also targeted an eighty-year-old delegate of the consortium, “threatened and frightened”. The neighbor across from the Pignani family tells of constant spite: «A month ago – he says – I was in the car waiting for my wife and suddenly he threw dog excrement at me. It wasn’t the first time. ‘

Elio M., who takes care of road maintenance and pruning plants, remembers: «That boy a short time ago looked out the window and started throwing oranges at my workers. He screamed at them about everything, I went, I confronted him with a bad face and I told him he shouldn’t repeat himself ”. There is an episode, then, which is spoken of in Colle Romito, this too never reported to the police. It tells of a young man with the features of Pignani who no later than two weeks ago fired into the air in the grove “to frighten four children”. But their parents wouldn’t talk about him “intent on doing justice for themselves” when they met him again. Voices and stories that run after each other and on which the carabinieri and prosecutors now intend to shed light.

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