“School in first place, the proposals for the relaunch” |

“School in first place, the proposals for the relaunch” |
“School in first place, the proposals for the relaunch” |

NewTuscia – ROME – Starting again from the school with the increase in funds for school buildings, an extraordinary maintenance plan for the sports facilities of the institutes and the guarantee of an educational offer on the territoryrio at all levels with the dream and goal of a high school for each suburb of the Town Hall.

School and young people are at the center of the projects announced by Sabrina Giuseppetti, candidate President of the Municipality XIII – Aurelio, in view of the Primaries of the Democratic Party on June 20: “School is an indispensable element for present society and is our future, an aspect that has emerged in particular in this complicated and difficult period due to the Covid 19 pandemic”.

Among the primary needs of the candidate President is to make the school a safe place, to be reached through a survey of the state of the institutions present in the area, followed by a considerable amount of investments for the adaptation and improvement of existing structures. “Although we are aware that the Municipality’s competences in this area are limited, mainly dealing with infant-toddler centers and preschools that are run by the municipality, my commitment is to aim decisively at the re-launch of the school, convinced that good politics and good administration they can do a lot “.

Thus in the program of the PD candidate for the Municipality, the aim will be to eliminate architectural barriers to facilitate access for the disabled; care of the green and outdoor spaces in order to carry out outdoor teaching; guarantee for all schools of access to the network and availability of a computer lab with a computer technician.

Among the concrete proposals put forward also the organization of a municipal school council for 0-6 years, primary and secondary in order to be able to exchange ideas, share projects and facilitate orientation.

Not only that, among the initiatives to be implemented at the helm of the Municipality, the opening of gyms, theaters, laboratories and libraries to young people and realities operating in the third sector. And again, an aspect still too often underestimated but at the center of Giuseppetti’s program, the fight against cyberbullying with the launch of courses, for parents and students, to raise awareness and fight the phenomenon.


School place proposals relaunch

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