America’s Cup, three of a kind from Brazil. Cuadrado drags Colombia

Debut with victory for Brazil and Colombia in the 47th edition of the America’s Cup (13 June-10 July). Despite the threats of a boycott, in the end the continental demonstration kicks off and we get off to a strong start. The hosts beat Venezuela with a clear 3-0 down from absences due to the Covid outbreak that affected the selection Vinotinta a few hours before the debut (also the Torino midfielder and Venezuela captain Tomas Rincon were positive). Marquinhos, Neymar, who hooked Ronaldo in the ranking of the Brazilian strikers, and the former Inter player Gabigol. Excellent performance for Juventus Danilo and Alex Sandro. Another footballer of the Old Lady, Juan Cuadrado, is also exulting, among the best in the field in Colombia’s 1-0 victory over Ecuador.

Brazil-Venezuela 3-0. Neymar immediately protagonist

There is no history between Brazil and Venezuela. In addition to the technical differences in the field, Covid is also involved, which forces Vinotinto to field a reworked formation. The course of the match is immediately clear, with the Selection which pushes in search of the goal and Venezuela forced to stay behind. The defensive wall is knocked down after 23 ‘, when the former Roma Marquinhos uncorks the can by scoring in the scrum. Richarlison’s 2-0 also arrives before the end of the first half, but the Everton player is offside and the goal is canceled. The doubling, however, is only postponed and arrives at 20 ‘of the second half: Danilo wins a penalty, Neymar takes charge of the serve and scores. the ney thus hooks the Phenomenon Ronaldo to 67 goals in the all-time ranking of Brazilian scorers, thus approaching Pele, now only 10 goals away. The PSG striker climbs into the chair and between intoxicating dribbling and close to twice the former Inter Gabigol the assist for the definitive 3-0. There Selection climbs to the top of Group B.

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Cardona makes Colombia rejoice: Ecuador ko

To keep company with the verdeoro there is Colombia, which bends Ecuador by measure despite a subdued performance. The only “Italians” on the pitch are the Neapolitan Ospina and the winger of Juve Cuadrado, among the best in the field. Rueda, in fact, leaves the Atalantine duo Muriel-Zapata (Duvan will enter the second half) on the bench, preferring Borja and Santos Borré. A real revenge for the Coffee growers, humiliated 6-1 by Ecuador in November. Cardona’s goal in the final of the first half was decisive. The Boca Juniors footballer is good at transforming the only real chance of the first 45 ‘. Not that there is room for great emotions in the second half, on the contrary. An episode from a penalty kick sent the Ecuadorian bench onto the pitch. Pitana, however, despite the revision to the Var, remains on his track and does not allow the shot from 11 meters. Colombia does not exalt, but takes home three precious points.

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Americas Cup kind Brazil Cuadrado drags Colombia

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