The doctor from Denmark talked about Christian Eriksen

The doctor from Denmark talked about Christian Eriksen
The doctor from Denmark talked about Christian Eriksen

On Sunday, the staff of the Danish national team at the European football championships spoke to the press about the condition of Christian Eriksen, the Inter midfielder who suffered a cardiac arrest during the match against Finland on Saturday. In two different press conferences, the Danish doctor Morten Boesen told about the first aid: «I want to start by saying that I spoke with Christian’s family, and I will not give any details, only what we have seen. As soon as he collapsed we ran into the field, it was clear that he was unconscious. When we arrived he was lying on his side, still breathing and we checked his pulse. There was a heartbeat, then suddenly we no longer heard it, and as you have all seen we began the maneuvers for the heart massage ».

Later, in another conference with the international press, Bosen said: “He was gone. We gave him a heart massage. It was cardiac arrest. ‘

More tests will be needed to understand how Eriksen, a 29-year-old high-level athlete at the height of his career, could have suffered cardiac arrest during a game. The player will remain hospitalized at the Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, a short distance from the Parken stadium. Denmark

of having talked to us, as well as his club team, Inter, whose CEO Giuseppe Marotta said Saturday evening to Sky that Eriksen heard with his teammates in the team chat reassuring him about his condition.

On Saturday the players of the Danish national team had then returned to the field, but stunned by the incident they were beaten 1-0 by the rookie Finland, even missing a penalty kick. The federation said they will receive professional assistance to regain the peace of mind needed to continue playing the tournament. The timely intervention of two players in particular, Atalanta full-back Joakim Maehle and captain Simon Kjaer, who like Eriksen plays in Milan, but with Milan, had been fundamental before the rescue arrived. When the match resumed, however, Kjaer collapsed and had to leave the pitch because he was unable to continue.

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