Covid vaccine, the mistakes made with AstraZeneca: Garattini speaks

Second Silvio Garattini, president of the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan, “there were two mistakes severe and repeated in the Italian management of the pandemic “. On the pages of La Stampa he declared that it was a question of “lack of government scientific communication and having abdicated the criterion of age and frailty in the vaccination campaign”.

Now “it should reassure citizens preferring for all pragmatically, even if perhaps not logically, mRna vaccines “, those of Pfizer e Modern, “Postponing the vaccination of young people to finish the over 50 and also to collect more data on the consequences in children “.

Covid vaccine, what were the communication errors according to Silvio Garattini

The communication “It has never been the strength of our health system, which among other things is divided between various regions. In a pandemic, however, a single and authoritative voice is needed to represent the opinion of science ”.

Despite the existence of a Ministry of Health and the Scientific Technical Committee, “they feel too many voices which end up frightening the population ”.

For Silvio Garattini it would not be the fault of virologists but “of the virality of government opinions, first of all. If there was a single official voice, then everyone could say what they want and maybe they would be less heard ”.

“There have been too many inaccurate communications, suggestions, preferences, recommendations, and few clear explanations of why many changes“, Underlined the expert.

Second Andrea Crisanti it would have been better to clarify in principle that the anti Covid vaccines could have been an obstacle course. Line of thought shared by Silvio Garattini. “You had to have the courage to say that you were moving inuncertainty, and this is still the case today ”.

“You were afraid of frighten the population and so yes it really ended up ”, at least for the adenoviral vaccines from AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

“The truth is that some very rare thrombosis, but it is not known why they are unleashed. When there were so many deaths, people were more scared of the virus, while now doubts what to do ”, he stressed.

Covid vaccine, pharmaceutical companies and economic interests: Silvio Garattini speaks

Silvio Garattini also confirmed that behind the highlighting of some news there could also be a precise strategy. “Let’s not hide the fact that there are great ones economics interests blowing on the fire “.

“Not all vaccines have it same cost and behind there are large investments“, he has declared. AstraZeneca “was wrong in both experimentation and communication. But its flaws were emphasized“.

“It is really difficult to compare vaccines, because they have been researched and tested on populations diverse“. Regarding the greater coverage of mRna vaccines, the expert clarified that “even AstraZeneca has shown in the field, in the United Kingdom, to be very effective” against variants of the coronavirus.

If there were enough Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for everyone, it could be “rekindle enthusiasm in people and speed up the campaign. I am also in favor of heterologous vaccination, so there is a positive indication of some studies ”, that is the much discussed mix of vaccines.

AstraZeneca  e Johnson & Johnson “sono assimilable, even if the second has the advantage of working with one dose and therefore could have half the risks “.

Covid vaccine, Silvio Garattini’s doubts about the campaign and herd immunity

The vaccination campaign is late, considering that “not even half of the Italians received the before dose. There is a risk of going beyond September, and even on this we need greater transparency ”.

Herd immunity may not be achieved, at least “not in the terms in which General Figliuolo puts it, speaking of the 70%. But it is one presumption. For measles, for example, it takes 95%“.

“We don’t even know how much hard immunity ”given by coronavirus vaccines. “The world is all to be vaccinated, and if there were dangerous variants we might have to do it again too. The government has been talking about Italian production for months, but why has it not started yet? ”.

Covid vaccine, who died at 18 after AstraZeneca: the reflections of Silvio Garattini

Regarding the death of Camilla Canepa, which occurred after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, “once again the criterion of age and of fragility. It is urgent to go back and dedicate them to these categories open day, and in the meantime collect more information on young people “.

Sivio Garattini would hardly tell his nephew “not to get vaccinated, but it is the Government that should go for age group and wait for more data ”on the boys.

Pericarditis in young people who undergo Pfizer and Moderna mRna vaccines are also of concern. “What if waited we would know more, even if they seem rare and light ”.

Regarding the future, the expert made one forecast very little rosy. “If I were in the Government I would prepare myself for worse. Duration and variants are a concrete threat ”.

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Vaccine AstraZeneca: the circular of the ministry, new directives

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Vaccine AstraZeneca: the circular of the ministry, new directives

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