Saman Abbas: the video of parents leaving Italy – Chronicle

Saman Abbas: the video of parents leaving Italy – Chronicle
Saman Abbas: the video of parents leaving Italy – Chronicle

Reggio Emilia, June 14, 2021 – They smile at customs, Saman Abbas’s mother lowers the veil that covers her face for a moment and off to boarding. These are the latest images (video) of Saman Abbas’ parents in Italy, taken at Malpensa airport as they board the flight to Pakistan, where an international rogatory will now reach them. They are both under investigation for the murder of the girl who has disappeared since April 30 and for the concealment of her body.

Saman Abbas, Beppe Carletti: “Novellara is upset”

“It is a disgrace, a shame for our family”, these would have been the words of indignation pronounced by Saman’s mother when in October 2020 the social services of the Lower Reggio Emilia Union communicated to the parents that the daughter would be put in a foster home after refusing to submit to an arranged marriage.

The suspects

Together with the parents, they are also accused of killing the 18-year-old Pakistani uncle (who according to the investigations and testimonies is the material author of the crime) and a cousin: these two should still be in Europe, hidden somewhere.

The searches

Excavations have already resumed in search of the body of poor Saman in the countryside between Novellara, Campagnola and Reggiolo. The experts are also back in action with the electromagnetometer, the drones for shooting and analyzing the fields from above, as well as the molecular dogs of the canine nucleus of the Bologna carabinieri.

Saman Abbas, the cousin almost a ghost. “He’s been here for years, but he doesn’t know Italian”

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