On newsstands on the Fact: Graviano writes to Cartabia. He had already done it with Lorenzin on hard prison

On newsstands on the Fact: Graviano writes to Cartabia. He had already done it with Lorenzin on hard prison
On newsstands on the Fact: Graviano writes to Cartabia. He had already done it with Lorenzin on hard prison

In Morocco, anyone who opposes the king becomes a rapist

In one year, all bail requests for Soulaimane Raissouni were rejected. On 3 June the journalist appeared in court, on the bench of the accused, unrecognizable, after 57 days of hunger strike, prostrate on a chair, unable to stand up, his body reduced to skin and bones, his face thin, treated […]

by Rachida El Azzouzi and Rosa Moussaoui

What happens?

Renewables stopped at stake: deserted auctions and distant goals

They are considered by environmentalists to be the great absentees in the energy planning of the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani, but above all for some years they have been the great absentees in the Italian energy market. Among projects for gas, hydrogen and openings to mini-nuclear, renewable energy sources and its infrastructures, one remembers almost exclusively when […]

Sarantis Thanopulos – The psychoanalyst

“Young people are fruit to be squeezed. Betrayed with open days “

A company with its mouth full of the word “young”, which heads the European recovery program to the “next generation”, which daily tears on the debts that we will take on “those who come after us”, and then enlist them as a target and a little ‘cares about their life. Professor Sarantis Thanopulos happened with the Open […]


To refound the university, we remove the portraits from the walls

At Magdalen College Oxford, the students who manage a common space (the Middle Common Room) decided (by voting) to remove from the wall the portrait of Queen Elizabeth that they themselves had hung there in 2013. The students wrote that they wanted to create a ” welcoming place for all ”, and that for some of them“ the […]

The interview – Prestigiacomo, policeman al G8

“In Genoa there was a plan to crack down on anti-globalization”

Twenty years later a retired policeman tells in a book about the G8 in Genoa and his disgust for the ferocious repression of the no global movement: “There was a plan to stop it,” says Gianluca Prestigiacomo, author of G8. Genoa 2001. Story of an announced disaster (Chiarelettere). A sympathizer of the left, he joined the police in the 1980s. […]

In the house dem

Primary for a few close friends: 11,000 vote in Turin

A participation that mimics the numbers of the Rousseau Platform: just 11,000 in a city of nearly 900,000 inhabitants. And a winner, the leader of the Democratic Party in the Red Room, Stefano Lo Russo, who does not break through “50 percent” and, indeed, stops at 38.6 (with only 400 preferences more than the second). How much […]

Do you know the latest?

Austria A 29-year-old soldier gets arrested for having a swastika tattooed on his testicle News reconciling with justice: An Austrian soldier was sentenced to 19 months in prison for a swastika tattooed on his testicle. The wise 29-year-old soldier, according to the Daily Mail, got drunk like a sponge and agreed […]

Other places

Saudi Arabia MbS with Reign spies on the “enemies” of his kingdom

There is no product intended for population control that does not end up on the special bulletin board of Mohamed Bin Salman, crown prince and de facto king of Saudi Arabia. The latest purchase in terms of espionage of opponents and internal control, is called Reign and was sold by an Israeli IT company: it is a spyware that compromises […]


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