Massacre of Ardea, the killer had shot other times: no one reported him

June 14, 2021 8:45 am

Only the killer’s mother after a knife attack had filed a complaint. The neighbors saw him shoot but thought of a scacciacani

Only one complaint appears to have been filed against Andrea Pignani and was made by the mother of the killer engineer, Rita Rossetti. A year ago, in May, it was the woman who called the carabinieri after an attack with a knife. And that is the moment in which Andrea Pignani is subjected to a compulsory health treatment (Tso). It did not last long, however. No prescription appears in the records, no psychiatric treatment.

But everyone knew, everyone feared. The inhabitants of the Colle Romito consortium today mourn the death of Daniel and David and Salvatore Ranieri, the 84 year old who tried to stop Pignani. But the neighbors themselves knew that violent engineer, so much so that they had ordered their internal surveillance to keep an eye on the Pignani villa. Many reports to the police but no complaint. In hindsight it was a bad decision.

The mayor of Ardea, Mario Savarese, confirms that not even in the municipality there had been reports of Andrea Pignani’s possible mental illnesses: “I signed the Tso and I never had any documents on him”. And then there is the yellow of the gun, what everyone thought was a scacciacani and instead it was a real weapon.

In November, Pignani’s father died. He was a former vigilante and his gun, regularly detained, was never handed over to the police. And even on this the prosecutor investigates, has everything possible been done to prevent the weapon from ending up in the wrong hands (as it later happened)? So many questions for which the relatives of the victims are waiting for an answer, to find out if the massacre that has now taken place can have at least moral culprits.


Massacre Ardea killer shot times reported

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