He gives up the balustrade, forty years old dies in the Naviglio Martesana in Milan. The structure is investigated. Sala: “Never again such tragic events”

A bouquet of flowers to witness the pain of what happened. Perhaps left by some friends of Andrea Elifani, the 40-year-old who died last night from a severe head injury after falling from a height of three meters from the bridge over the Naviglio della Martesana in Milan.

According to what was reconstructed by the local police, also thanks to the testimony of a friend of Elifani, the man fell due to the collapse of a balustrade of the structure. The incident occurred yesterday afternoon and investigators are working to clarify the dynamics. It is still unclear whether the 40-year-old simply leaned on or if he instead “stressed” the balustrade by exerting a push. In any case, the fire brigade technicians who intervened at the accident site, which is generally very popular with families with children, defined the conditions of the bridge as “potentially dangerous”.

Man falls from a balustrade and dies in the Naviglio Martesana. Hypothesis failure of the runner

by Ilaria Carra

02 April 2021

“If such a structure were in a perfect state of maintenance, it would take a considerable effort to tear down the balustrade – commented one of the intervening operators – and from the first reconstructions it seems that this has not happened”. This reinforces the picture of an accident due to the precarious conditions of the iron bridge known as “El pont de pan fiss” (the bridge of fixed bread), so called because in that area there was a candle factory that guaranteed the “place safe “to workers. Over the years that small bridge over the canal has become a symbol of old Milan that resists the modernity of the nearby skyscrapers. Now the investigations will focus on the technical expertise.

Elifani’s conditions immediately appeared very serious. When 118 arrived he was already unconscious and attempts to stabilize him before being transported to the Niguarda hospital were useless. He entered a coma in the emergency room and died shortly after from head injuries sustained in the fall. His friend, also 40 years old, was unharmed but was still accompanied to the San Raffaele in a state of shock.

Mayor Beppe Sala intervened on the incident: a piece of news “that leaves us all dismayed. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family”. And he promises: “The dynamics of this sad event will be ascertained, with respect for his family and all the Milanese. And we will do everything in our power to ensure that certain tragic events never happen again”.

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