Covid, the data of the week: 12,461 new cases, 25% less than the previous one. Deaths are stable: 479 victims from Monday to Sunday

A new major decline, equal to 25% gods new positives, registered in thelast week. The spread of the contagion slow down again, the epidemiological situation of the country improves. Italy comes to the week that reports two thirds of the population in the white zone with excellent epidemiological data, if compared to the previous seven days. Between Monday and Sunday the new positives were found 12.461, over 4 thousand fewer than 16.436 registered between Monday 31 May e Sunday 6 June. The positive rate of swabs also decreased, given that the number of tests carried out remained substantially identical (1.277.054 in the second week of June, 1,242,229 in the previous). Patients with symptoms also continue to decline (-1.421 the balance of inputs / outputs from Monday to today), as well as the number of new entries in intensive care that passes by 198 a 162. While the number of deaths remains stable: in the last 7 days others have lost their lives 479 Covid patients, two more than the previous week.

However, even from this point of view, Sunday’s data bodes well 26 deaths and two Regions heavily affected in recent months – Lazio e Veneto – who do not register new victims. Also in sharp decline in the daily bulletin daily admissions in resuscitation: they have just registered 20, with fourteen areas of the country that did not receive critically ill patients. THE new cases in the last 24 hours they have been 1.390 with 134,136 swabs processed, including 60,362 rapid antigen tests. The incidence rate therefore goes back slightly from 0.8 to1 percent, a normal fluctuation that often occurs on Sundays due to the sharp decline in the cases tested.

In the last 24 hours, the pressure on hospitals has also decreased again, with 113 hospitalized with fewer symptoms in the medical area and 9 extra free beds in intensive care, where now 7 Regions they assist less than ten patients and three others have no longer been hospitalized. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the infections have been confirmed 4.244.872. In 3.957.557 I’m healed or were discharged, while others 127,002 infected they died after contracting Sars-Cov-2 and Covid developed. The currently positive there are 160,313, of which 156.206 found in home isolation. In hospitals they remain hospitalized 3,542 Covid patients in the medical area and others 565 they are assisted in intensive care.

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