Selin discovers the engagement contract

Selin discovers the engagement contract
Selin discovers the engagement contract

New intrigues and jealousies will enliven the new programming week of Love is in the air, as the previews from 14 to 18 June indicate. In particular, Selin to put in trouble Serkan, will make hire Wounded as a business consultant e Alptekin will gladly accept. Meantime Ed, during the swimming lesson, will make Serkan jealous. Afterward, the couple will prepare to welcome Selin and Ferit for dinner, but the two argue as Eda will ask Serkan to help her carry her things to her apartment, but he will be busy and refuse. Piril will attend the scene and report immediately to Aydan that the two are in crisis.

Subsequently, Ed will instruct figure to bring her things to Serkan and she will enlist the help of Erdem e Melek, but will be seen by Ayfer. Melek, at that point, will explain to the woman that they are doing charity. Once at Serkan’s house, Aydan He will help them give their son’s apartment the feminine imprint to convince Selin that Eda and Serkan’s coexistence is true. Meanwhile, Eda will bring Serkan to the market and will realize that he has never been there.

Love is in the air, weekly plots: Ayfer’s discovery

The weekly plots of Love is in the air point out that Eda and Serkan, will prepare to welcome dinner Selin and Ferit, but the young woman will not find the box with her clothes and will call Melo to know where it is. For its part, Melo, who will be together with Kaan, he will tell you he will ask Virtue, who will go to look for the box in the garden of Eda’s house, letting herself be discovered by Ayfer who will discover that her niece Eda is going to live with Serkan.

Kaan will tell a Melo of having to interrupt their attendance because of the knowledge that she and Ed have with Serkan. In the meantime, Selin will turn in the house of Serkan to understand if the conviction with Ed is real and will randomly find the engagement agreement, which for a series of coincidences will end up in the hands of Kaan by means of Wounded. The day after dinner, Serkan, Eda, Ferit, Selin, Engin and Piril will leave for Antalya.

Love is in the air, previews from 14 to 18 June: Kaan will set a trap for Serkan

The advances of Love is in the air from 14 to 18 June reveal that Selin and Ferit they will argue because of her ambiguous behavior towards Serkan. In the meantime, Serkan, Eda, Selin, Ferit, Engin e Piril they will be in Antalya for the awards ceremony and to close the Golf Restort deal, while Kaan will send the photos of the engagement contract to Fatima and will make believe Melo to be interested in her to the point of getting her a job interview.

For its part, Serkan will schedule the meeting with Birol and his wife, but the two will be on the verge of divorce and will no longer intend to sign in order not to find themselves partners in the deal, while Engine and Piril they will get very close. In the meantime, Ed will casually befriend Seville discovering that she is Birol’s wife. At that point, Eda and Serkan will try to reconcile the couple to get both of them signed on the contract. Later, Kaan will set a trap for Serkan during the awards ceremony.

The advances of Love is in the air announce that the night before the award ceremony, Serkan and Eda they will find themselves dangerously close at the temple of Apollo where they will contemplate the shooting stars and at dawn they will bathe in a natural pool …

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