Blue Origin, a passenger paid 28 million dollars to travel with Bezos in space –

The stakes are very unique. Not only do you become part of that elite that you will be able to accomplish one of the first tourist trips into space, my so apr the opportunity to do it in the company of Jeff Bezos (and his brother Mark). No wonder then that someone willing to spend well 28 million dollars to secure a place – the third – available on the New Shepard. The Blue Origin rocket, departing next July 20 for a short orbit round, now full.

The name of this brave (and wealthy) passenger remains in mystery. Blue Origin said they will release it in a week. Of course, to win the auction and get the ticket that will take him into space, he was willing to spend an astronomical sum to say the least. Its $ 28 million was the highest bid in the lottery that closed on June 12. Participated 7,600 people from 140 countries. The money spent on the ticket from the mysterious millionaire will be donated to the foundation of Blue Origin, Club for The Future, which deals with helping young people in the study of Stem.

The four will make a journey that will actually last about ten minutes. They will find themselves aboard one capsule, equipped with large windows to enjoy the view, which can hold up to 6 people. The New Shepard rocket will take them all the way to Krmn line, one hundred kilometers above the sea level. At this point the capsule will come off space tourists will be able to observe the curvature of the Earth as they experience the absence of gravity. The capsule should then land in the Texas desert thanks to a parachute.

A great feat, which Jeff and Mark Bezos – and their millionaire travel companion – just didn’t want to miss. Even if they are likely to finish second: it seems that Richard Branson plans to take part in a test flight aboard his Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity rocket on July 4th. In mind, if you too are interested in proposing yourself for a space trip, Blue Origin assures you that they will be there news on upcoming New Shepard flights soon.

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