Vaccine, what happens with the Delta variant: the effects

The Delta variant coronavirus returns to cause concern in Italy, after the announcement of an outbreak of the “Indian” mutation in Milan and the words of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, according to which quarantine for arrivals from England is not excluded. One of the data of greatest concern is whether the variant is capable of lower the protection given by vaccines.

Delta variant and vaccine protection: British data

The first answers to the question about the protection given by vaccines come from UK, where the mutation once known as “Indian” and now called Delta constitutes 96% of total cases.

According to data published by the National Health Ministry (PHE) on June 11 there are 33,207 total cases of the Delta variant in the week, up from 9,426 in the previous week.

The 68% of cases occurred in unvaccinated people, in fact, the analysis among health personnel has seen very low numbers of reinfection, while a strong concentration of positives is also in young people between 10 and 29 years old. Very few cases among people aged 60 or over.

The findings align with UK vaccination coverage, where there are around 2 million unvaccinated over 50s, 13 million unvaccinated young adults and an additional 8 million partially vaccinated young adults.

Scientific studies: the efficacy of vaccines on the Delta variant

Other answers on the effectiveness of vaccines on the Delta variant of Covid-19 come from a study published in the Lancet carried out on 250 people vaccinated with Pfizer. 79% of those vaccinated with one dose registered one neutralizing response of antibodies against Delta virus reduced to 32% (compared to the original strain) and 25% with the Beta variant (formerly “South African”).

On the other hand, a study by the British health authorities of Public Health England (PHE) showed that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, turned out to be “Highly effective” against the Delta variant of Covid after two doses. After the first dose, however, it emerged that the two vaccines were only 33% effective against the Indian strain a three weeks from the first inoculation, against the 50% effectiveness against the English one.

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Covid vaccine, what happens if you receive more doses than you should

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