Pippo Baudo: “Today’s TV? Made of photocopies”. And attacks Carlo Conti and Paolo Bonolis

The conductor Pippo Baudo, in an interview, he criticized today’s television. And he used vitriolic words for Carlo Conti and Paolo Bonolis. Here’s everything that happened.

The words of Pippo Baudo

He is one of the veterans of Italian television, the true dean of the Italian small screen. The presenter recently turned 85 Pippo Baudo, which, however, has certainly not lost its frankness, quite the contrary. In an interview with the newspaper The nation, the conductor left heavy criticisms to two beloved and important colleagues. A few weeks ago, on the occasion of the Rai – Fedez controversy, Pippo Baudo had openly criticized Chiara Ferragni’s husband. Today, the conductor, lashed out at it Carlo Conti e Paolo Bonolis. But let’s go in order. Baudo criticized the projects the two are carrying out, inviting them to renew their programs.

At least the attack on Bonolis and Conti, certainly two of the best presenters on television, is surprising. And, perhaps, the one to the presenter of Such and Which Show, has a greater resonance, precisely because Conti is considered one of Baudo’s heirs in Viale Mazzini. In general, the historic Sicilian presenter has lashed out against the lack of imagination in today’s television, compared to that of yesterday. And he then added: “I read that Carlo Conti returns to Tale and Which, but is it possible? Yet? It’s awful ”.

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The criticisms of Paolo Bonolis

The attack on Tale and Which concerns, in general, also Rai’s choices not to opt for a new face. While the criticisms of Paolo Bonolis are direct, precise digs. The host admits that Bonolis is good and intelligent, as well as a witty and cultured person.

But then he adds: “But aren’t you ashamed to do another one every year? But try hard, invent something new. And then all that vulgarity, vulgarity turns to those who are not good “. In the interview, therefore, Baudo denounces a certain lack of imagination in the small screen. And he concludes: “[La tv di oggi] It is made only of photocopies ”.

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