Denise Pipitone: all the tracks that lead to the Roma – Chronicle

Denise Pipitone: all the tracks that lead to the Roma – Chronicle
Denise Pipitone: all the tracks that lead to the Roma – Chronicle

Mazara del Vallo, 12 June 2021 – “You, who have kidnapped Denise, although days, months, years have passed, you will reap what you have sown both on earth and in heaven. Monsters you are and you always will be “. Piera Maggio, the mother of Denise Pipitone, returns to vent his pain on the Facebook account, and in a few hours he collects thousands of reactions and comments. It is the agony of a mother who has been looking for her daughter for 17 years. From that 1 September 2004 when the little girl, who had not yet turned 4 years old, disappeared from an alley in Mazara del Vallo. In the last few months, the twists and turns have taken place. TV broadcasts have returned to talk about the case, promising exclusives. Slopes that have ignited hope but have often gone down in a short time. Like the Russian one of Olesya, to arrive in Scalea, to a Denisa which, however, had nothing to do with it.

The lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta, Piera Maggio’s lawyer, for days has chosen silence and on the phone he makes it known with courteous firmness: “I do not issue statements, it is a line that I have been holding for ten days”.

The last report leads to a nomad who would live in France. And like all those released in recent times, in Italy and abroad, it has to do with the Roma track. The same one indicated with photos and videos by the security guard Felice Grieco who on 18 October 2004 was on duty in front of a bank in Milan. That day he noticed and filmed a group of nomads, sure he recognized Denise in a little girl a woman called Danas. “I got the recognition from the carabinieri”, Grieco says.

The security guard told on TV that he had received the link to an article dating back to 2019. A simple piece of news, we talk about arrests for theft. The text is accompanied by photos by three Roma women. One, in particular, attracts Grieco’s attention. “It is her, she is the woman I filmed in 2004”, he will tell the soldiers of the Arma. That face that haunts him since that day, like a ghost.

But another is already ready twist. Because just looking at that same photo a 27-year-old of Roma origin, Mariana, adopted in Italy, already suspicious of the video 17 years ago, she has no doubts: “This woman is my aunt, I met her in 2018 in a nomad camp in Paris. There was a girl with her. I went there to meet my biological parents. “Testimony recorded in a police station but all to be verified. Just as a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the Denise case proposed by the dem Carmelo Miceli and Alessia Morani. He will have to rewind the tape of this great mystery starting from the investigation. When in Marsala there were 11 pm and two heads of the prosecutor’s office.

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