All the pitfalls of Giuseppe Conte. The obsession is putting a spoke in the wheel of Mario Draghi – Il Tempo

All the pitfalls of Giuseppe Conte. The obsession is putting a spoke in the wheel of Mario Draghi – Il Tempo
All the pitfalls of Giuseppe Conte. The obsession is putting a spoke in the wheel of Mario Draghi – Il Tempo

Gaetano Mineo

June 13, 2021

He is aware that the more you continue to support the Draghi government, the more the 5 Star Movement melts like snow in the sun. With the aggravating circumstance that Davide Casaleggio and Alessandro Di Battista are ready to embark on the «ControMovimento» what would remain of the grillini. And so Giuseppe Conte seems to be preparing a Renzian-style counter-move, to bring down the government led by the former president of the ECB. But, at the same time, the former people’s advocate has to deal with the current real and only head of the Cinquestelle (see statute) who is Beppe Grillo who with a surprise move knocked out the Count himself, by going to visit by the Chinese ambassador Li Jun-hua just as US President Joe Biden at the G7 was relaunching the Atlantic Pact and asking everyone, including Italy, to help him contain China’s expansionism. A scenario that continues to certify an M5s in disarray, without a summit but above all without a real political line, and against which the former premier will have to bring out all his Christian Democratic skills if he does not want to end up with a fistful of flies in his hand .

Among Conte’s nightmares, the justice reform on which Minister Marta Cartabia is working, ready to cancel the laws of Bonafede. Not surprisingly, just a few days ago, the former premier on the statute of limitations reiterated that as it is today “ends up creating a system of census justice.” Translated: “The rich benefit from it … and the poor do not benefit from the statute of limitations.” As if to say, the Bonafede reform is not touched. And tell it to Lega, Fi, Iv, today in government together with the M5S. Conte is ready to “challenge” Draghi on two other dossiers that are on the table at Palazzo Chigi. The first is the end of the redundancy block which is opposed by the 5 stars as well as by the left-wing component of the majority that holds the current executive. Therefore, for the M5s, it is necessary to extend the Covid layoffs, a topic already proposed with an amendment. The other dossier is that on the environment, which for the M5s was one of the few reasons for joining the Draghi government in the name of the “ecological transition”. But, as is well known, the 5 stars and Minister Roberto Cingolani have been at loggerheads for some time. The academician largely does his own thing, on mini-nuclear, hydrogen and incinerators and so on, bypassing the M5s. And to think that Beppe Grillo presented the minister as “one of ours”, a fake news. To make Conte’s dreams restless also the risks for the downsizing of both flag subsidies such as citizenship income, and the National Anti-Corruption Authority (Anac). But also the taxman. The pentastellati want to go from the current five income tax brackets to three, but will have to contend with a government with a clear center-right traction.

Hence Conte’s “Renzian” strategy: to leave the Draghi government, possibly after 3 August. A move that could allow him to gain a position in the opposition on the model of the one favoring the Brothers of Italy. But the accounts of the former prime minister seem to have been made without the host. In fact, which of the parliamentarians is willing to close the legislature before the 4 years, six months and a day, or September 2022, an indispensable period for triggering the right to a pension? We’ll see.

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pitfalls Giuseppe Conte obsession putting spoke wheel Mario Draghi Tempo

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