Covid, from tomorrow 40 million Italians in the white zone. What changes – Chronicle

Covid, from tomorrow 40 million Italians in the white zone. What changes – Chronicle
Covid, from tomorrow 40 million Italians in the white zone. What changes – Chronicle

Milan, 13 June 2021 – Italy more and more of a single color: the White. From tomorrow Monday 14 June 5 other regions and an autonomous province (Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia and Trento) will be promoted in band with fewer restrictions. The data of the Control room monitoring on Friday have certificate in fact the third consecutive week under the threshold of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: condition for the transition from yellow to white. The measure, decided by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza through an order signed on 11 June, affects more than half of the Italians. “From Monday over 40 million Italians they will be in the ‘white zone’. Italy currently has one of the best European data on incidence. It is an encouraging result which allows us to look forward with more confidence. We must insist on this path with prudence and gradualness. Today more than ever it is necessary to keep the correct habits in order not to frustrate the many sacrifices made “, comments the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

The five regions and the autonomous province of Trento thus join the Abruzzo, Liguria, Umbria, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia. “The good results are the effect of a vaccination campaign which is proceeding very well in our country and which is the tool to close this season. We firmly believe in the science that has offered us these vaccines, and I thank the Italians: we are almost 1 in 2 Italians who received the first dose but we still have to accelerate “, added Speranza.

From the ISS monitoring on Friday 11 June, l‘National Rt it is still al the same value as 7 days before: 0,68. All regions have an average Rt less than 1 in the lower limit of the range, and therefore a transmissibility compatible with a type 1 scenario.

Goes down still the national average value ofincidence of Covid cases per 100 thousand inhabitants that passes to 26 compared to 32 last week.All regions are classified a low riskexcept one, Sardinia, which presents a moderate risk. Good news also on the front of hospital facilities. This week, in fact, no region and autonomous province exceeds the critical occupancy threshold for beds in intensive care or medical area for Covid patients. The intensive care employment rate is 8%, below the critical threshold, with a decrease in the number of hospitalized people from 1,033 (May 31) to 688 (June 8).

From the June 14, will pass in white zone five other regions and an autonomous province: Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Puglia and autonomous province of Trento. They are therefore confirmed in the white area Abruzzo, Liguria, Umbria, Veneto, Molise, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Sardinia. They remain in yellow zone: Tuscany, Marche, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily (in addition to the autonomous province of Bolzano) which in all likelihood will reach the white zone on June 21. Llast to be promoted will be the Valle d’Aosta, that will have to wait on June 28.

Covid, the bulletin of June 12 in Italy and Lombardy

From Monday Lombardy passes into the white zone “. This was announced on Thursday by the president of the Lombardy Region Attilio Fontana on his Facebook profile. “All parameters are constantly improving– he said – and if things are going so well it is also and certainly due to the great participation of the Lombards in the vaccination campaign. Thanks to all and on like this“.” Today’s data – added the vice president and councilor for Welfare of the Lombardy Region Letizia Moratti – confirm, after three consecutive weeks of incidence of Covid positive cases under 50 per 100,000 inhabitants and with 23 positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, with a constant and significant decrease in patients admitted to intensive care, that Lombardy will be able to pass from next Monday yellow zone to white zone “.” However, the return to complete normality of all activities – he stressed – without restrictions, except for discos, and the the absence of the evening curfew non means a ‘free all’ “.” This long-awaited and hoped-for result – concluded the vice president of the Lombardy Region – is attributable to the strong impulse received by the vaccination campaign, which has reached 7 million administrations. But above all to the extraordinary civic sense of the Lombards, who have respected rules and protocols “. “For this – Letizia Moratti recalled – I reiterate the appeal to everyone’s responsibility, despite the improvement in the situation and the progressive increase in the vaccinated population”.

Tuscany, Marche, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily (in addition to the autonomous province of Bolzano) will in all likelihood reach the white zone on June 21.

The last region to be promoted to the white zone will be the Valle d’Aosta, that will have to wait on June 28.

BARS AND RESTAURANTS – In the white area – explain the government Faq – bars, restaurants and other catering businesses they are open and it is possible to consume food and drinks inside them, without time limits. The sale with take-away of food and drinks and home delivery are also allowed without restrictions, which must in any case take place in compliance with the regulations on packaging and delivery of products.

MOVEMENTS – Those in the white zone are allowed the following displacements: without limits relating to times or reasons for moving to other locations in the white zone; without time limits, to the whole national territory, if the move takes place for proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons; to locations in the yellow zone, without having to justify the reason, in compliance with the specific time restrictions provided for travel in the yellow zone and those relating to travel to other inhabited private homes; to the whole national territory, if the person who moves is in possession of a valid “COVID-19 green certification”, in compliance with the specific time restrictions set for travel in the destination area. Return to one’s residence, domicile or home is always permitted

VISITS TO FRIENDS AND RELATIVES Who is in white areait is allowed to go to visit relatives or friends, staying within the same area, without time limitsor in the number of people moving. Visits to friends or relatives are also allowed, from 5.00 to 24.00, to a maximum of 4 people, who can bring with them underage children (or other children under the age of 18 over whom they exercise parental responsibility) and people with disabilities or non self-sufficient living together in all the localities of the yellow zone. Visits to friends or relatives during the same day in other areas must in any case be concluded by returning to one’s residence, domicile or home by 24.00. The contagion prevention rules relating to the use of public and private means of transport remain valid, regardless of the destination.

SECOND BOX – IS always possible to returnat your own second home, if located in the white or yellow zone. Furthermore, from the white and yellow areas you can return to your second home located in the orange or red area, if you can prove that you have actually been entitled to go to the same property before January 14, 2021 (date of entry into force of the decree-law January 14, 2021, n. 2). If the title was purchased later, it will be possible to reach it, in the orange or red areas, if you have a green COVID-19 certification. In any case, the destination property must be uninhabited and only people belonging to the same cohabiting family can move there.

THE MASK – The masks they must be must be worn both when you are outdoors, both when you are at Closedin places other than one’s own home, except for cases in which continuous isolation from any non-cohabiting person is guaranteed. The obligation is not foreseen for: children under 6 years of age; people who, due to their disability or pathology, cannot wear the mask; operators or people who, in order to assist a person exempt from the obligation, cannot in turn wear a mask (for example: who has to speak in the LIS with a deaf person). Furthermore, it is not mandatory to wear a mask, both outdoors and indoors: while doing sports; while eating or drinking, in the places and times in which it is permitted; when you are alone or exclusively with your cohabitants. As regards the performance of work and school activities, the mask is mandatory in the situations provided for by the specific sector protocols. However, the use of masks is strongly recommended even inside private homes, in the presence of non-cohabiting people.

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