“Horse fever” on TV, Gassman’s rejection, the origin of the “male whiskey” gag and five other secrets

June 13, 2021 – 07:39 am

Anecdotes on the 1976 film directed by Steno, a classic of Italian comedy. Alongside Proietti also Enrico Montesano, Catherine Spaak and Francesco De Rosa

of Arianna Ascione

Among the best known and loved films with Gigi Proietti, who passed away in November at the age of 80, there is certainly “Horse fever” from 1976 directed by Steno: today it can be seen again on Sky Cinema Comedy at 5.35pm. In the cast, alongside Proietti (who plays Bruno Fioretti called Mandrake), also Enrico Montesano (Armando Pellicci called er Pomata), Francesco De Rosa (Felice Roversi), Mario Carotenuto (lawyer De Marchis), Catherine Spaak (Gabriella), Gigi Ballista (count Dallara), Ennio Antonelli (Otello Rinaldi known as Manzotin) and Adolfo Celi (judge). Originally – in the intentions of the creator of the subject Massimo Patrizi – it was to be a dramatic film, a denunciation of gambling addiction. Then, when the producer Roberto Infascelli picked up the subject a few years later, it turned into a comedy. It tells the story of three friends with a passion for horse racing, forced to invent tricks and deceptions of all kinds (the “mandrakate”) to scrape together the money needed to play but above all to recover the losses. When it was released in theaters, «Fever from horse» did not have a great commercial success, but over time it has become a classic of Italian comedy.

June 13, 2021 | 07:39



Horse fever Gassmans rejection origin male whiskey gag secrets

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