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prejudices have vanished –
prejudices have vanished –

Unthinkable couples, impossible marriages. For some time the motto of Carlo Verdone seems to have made school in Italian music so much so that by now there are almost no more (artistic) weddings that seem to be based on the mythical: “O famo strange?”. Tomorrow will be released «Mille», a new single by Fedez, Achille Lauro and Orietta Berti. An unprecedented line-up that the singer recounts as follows: «It all started from a meeting on Instagram with Fedez, towards the end of the Sanremo Festival: Federico proposed me to do a song together. Then he sent me an audition that I listened to and recorded my sung version. They told me that there would be a “bomb” and, shortly after, they revealed that Achille Lauro would also be there. A very pleasant surprise. I like the piece a lot. It conveys that desire for summer and that seasonal lightness that we really need ».

For now, this trio is difficult to predict, there are only super glam images that refer to a California that no longer exists: Berti in mirrored glasses and the now mythical shells (they became so after his Sanremo) embroidered on the blouse, Fedez and Lauro who seem to come out of some cover of a fashion magazine. The iconography is perfect for entering into the wake of a precise trend: the one that makes collaborations super cool until a few years ago hardly even imaginable. In the beginning it was Fabio Rovazzi: after having gone to command with the tractor on the ring road, in 2017 he had decided to try to fly. Not alone, but with Gianni Morandi. Rovazzi and Gianni Morandi? Four years ago it was a little weird. Yet «Volare» was a hit and perhaps the trend started entirely from there. The one that breaks down not only personal but also stylistic distances and that brings together worlds that are apparently light years away.

After Morandi it was therefore the turn of Al Bano, who always with Rovazzi recorded «I do what I want» (2018) and the following year the hit of the summer was the one with Loredana Berté and J-Ax: «Without Thoughts». And among those who most of all managed to embrace this contemporaneity there is her, Berté. With Emma, ​​the single «What an incredible dream» has just been released, the latest of the successful collaborations of the eternal rock girl. And if the singer from Salento defined this single “a medal for valor”, due to the fact that she sang with Berté, the same feeling is what Boomdabash felt a few summers ago when they recorded “Non ti tell no” with her. Resounding successes that have created a groove. “It’s something that was already happening in the rest of the world. Finally it has become a super normal thing for us too – comments Ketra of Boomdabash -. Finally that stench fell under the nose that led to having all planned outings. For our group it was an honor to work with Loredana Bertè. Of course, at first asking a queen like her to do a reggae piece with a Salento group had the flavor of the experiment. But everything went well and we had a lot of fun ».

It is true that collaborations like these they are not just an Italian phenomenon: the most famous intergenerational couple is perhaps the one who formed Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in 2015 (together they also recorded a record, “Cheek to Cheek”). In Italy, one of the first to attempt these partnerships was Gabry Ponte, king of dance, who in 2004 had recorded a single with Little Tony, “Figli di Pitagora”. Thomas Bocchimpani, voice of “Amici”, sang the theme song for the cartoon Spirit – “Spirit Riding Free” – together with Mal while Ornella Vanoni performed at the last Sanremo with Francesco Gabbani who wrote for her “A smile inside tears “. And always the Ariston was the scene of the debut as a couple of Tiziano Ferro and Massimo Ranieri (Ferro has included “Losing the love” in his album “I accept miracles: the experience of others”) or the one formed by The representative of list and Donatella Rettore, on the evening of duets. There are those who argue that this trend depends on a nostalgia factor: the generation of twenty, thirty years old, that of eternal children, would always be ready to consecrate all the characters of their childhood to myth. See under Cristina D’Avena, in a more brilliant phase than ever in her career, even after her collaboration with Gem Boy. There are those who see more record reasons: the strength of digital native artists helps veterans a lot. The fact is that music breaks down distances.

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