NGOs, journalists intercepted: now Cartabia intervenes

NGOs, journalists intercepted: now Cartabia intervenes
NGOs, journalists intercepted: now Cartabia intervenes
Controversies, reactions and requests for clarification: the case relating to wiretapping to journalists who have dealt with NGOs operated by the prosecutor of Trapani has continued to inflame the debate even in the last hours. So much so that now, as has been learned from agencies reporting ministry sources, the keeper of the seals Marta Cartabia has ordered investigations. The news from which everything started was published yesterday on Tomorrow and refers to what was carried out by the court of the Sicilian city in 2017.

In that year the investigation into the activities of the Ong. Two in particular: Save The Children e Doctors Without Borders, which carried out missions off the Libya with the ships Vos Hestia and Vos Prudence. Then there was another small NGO vehicle Youth saves, namely the ship Iuventia. The investigators have focused on the latter.

They wanted to ascertain how the NGOs operated in the Mediterranean. Also because at that time the migratory pressure was very strong, the number of people disembarked at the end of the year exceeded one hundred thousand. The journalist boarded the Iuventia Nancy Porsia. His intent was to document the activities of the crew. Perhaps this is why the investigators have decided to intercept her.

Nancy Porsia is one of the most committed journalists in following the Libyan dossier. Another circumstance that may have prompted investigators to listen to his conversations. The problem, pointed out on Tomorrow, is that some calls were addressed to his lawyer, Alessandra Ballarini.

The controversy

Nancy Porsia’s lawyer also follows other delicate events, including the Regeni case. So some sensitive news about the lawyer ‘s movements could be heard. As well as on the sources of the journalist. The latter was not the only one to be intercepted. In the list there are also ours Fausto Biloslavo, as well as In the Excavation of Future, Claudia Di Pasquale in the Report, Francesca Mannocchi and the reporters of Radio Radicale and IlFattoQuotidiano. In common they have the fact that they follow all the events in Libya.

The order of journalists expressed solidarity with all intercepted persons: “All initiatives to protect professional secrecy will be evaluated in the competent offices”, reads a note from the president Carlo Verna. The controversy is mainly focused on this point: none of the journalists were investigated, the fact of being intercepted may have revealed details on the sources. Serious circumstance for the chronicler’s work, especially in very particular contexts. However, as later emerged from the words of the prosecutor of Trapani, Maurizio Agnello, only Nancy Porsia was really intercepted.

According to the NGO Sea Watch, however, the investigators have committed violations: “Recording conversations between journalists and their sources is a violation of freedom of the press – reads a tweet – But prosecutors do not hold back even in front of this to attack the rescue at sea “.

The activists, therefore, seem ready to ride the story and exploit it so that everything is covered up. “Some rise up for wiretapping that allegedly violated rights. In other cases, those who are indignant have been silent, yet the wiretapping on many occasions has been used in an arbitrary manner by the judiciary“, notes the senator of Forza Italia, Maurizio Gasparri, “This time, however, it is I who say that we must protect the investigative work that highlights the ambiguous role of many sectors of the left and of many NGOs that together have acted against the security and interests of our country. That of the NGOs is a disturbing story, a story that deserves exemplary trials and immediate convictions. Other than humanitarian aid. There is a whole story to rewrite“.

its The newspaper Valentina Raffa heard a magistrate on the matter: “The professional secrecy of the journalist is sacrosanct, but it is not connected to the person as to the function, to the role that the reporter is playing at that moment – said the magistrate – I mean that what interests the investigations is whether the journalist meeting someone or hearing him over the phone he does not somehow make himself a facilitator, one who at that moment, aware of this or not, is favoring something illegal. For the purposes of the investigation, it is important to know whether the journalist is aware of the trafficking. Then the sources can no longer be protected”.

Fausto Biloslavo himself spoke on the matter: “Bad not to do, fear not to have – said the journalist interviewed by colleague Raffa – As a category we are not above the law, but the sources must be protected, their confidentiality must be respected. After all, at least as far as I’m concerned, my reports also told about the migrant crisis and Libya. I was the first to say what only now, after 4 years, is confirmed by the investigations, namely that the 3 traffickers who were on the dinghy photographed under the Vos Hestia ship belonged to the al-Dabbashi clan”.

In fact, it should be remembered that for some time nothing more was known about the investigation. Taken in the summer of 2017, no further news had been leaked until last March. Then the story came back to the surface with the notice of conclusion of the investigations issued to 24 subjects. Finally, on Friday, the controversy over wiretapping broke out. Just 24 hours later, the Ministry of Justice learned of the opening of an investigation. The goal is to understand what really happened four years ago.

“Can I be honest? – Fausto Biloslavo repeated to AdnKronos – This whole affair seems like a storm in a glass of water. In reality, apart from Nancy Porsia who was undoubtedly intercepted, myself as the others did not have the own telephone number intercepted “.

The words of the prosecutor of Trapani

Interviewed byAdnKronos, the attorney of the Sicilian city, Maurizio Agnello, tried to clarify: “I state immediately that I absolutely do not intend to disavow this matter – began the magistrate – but I only want to emphasize that I took up service at the Prosecutor’s Office of Trapani in February 2019, when the probative incident of the method”.

According to Agnello, besides Nancy Porsia there would have been no other journalists intercepted: “As the former head of the Trapani Mobile Squad told me – added the prosecutor – the journalist Nancy Porsia was intercepted for a few months in the second half of 2017, because some investigated subjects referred to her who was on board one of the ships under investigation. No other journalist was the subject of wiretapping ”.

Nancy Porsia, according to the prosecutor, was neither suspected nor investigated: “She was intercepted on the occasion of an summary information – added the magistrate – On that occasion, the Flying Squad tells me again, she also gave a big hand to the investigation ”.

“In any case – Maurizio Agnello pointed out – I want to immediately underline that in the summary information of the entire investigation filed last June there is no trace of the transcripts of the interceptions of the journalist Nancy Porsia and there is no reference to other journalists “.

Nancy Porsia: “I was intercepted as a free citizen”

According to what AdnKronos has learned, some transcripts would have ended up in the documents anyway. These are the papers where the investigators of the Judicial Police, between Sco, the Trapani Mobile Squad and the Coast Guard, have inserted the interceptions. There are also several private conversations listened to and transcribed. There is an interview between the journalist of Avvenire, Nello Scavo, and Don Moussie Zerai, one of the first suspects whose position was however removed when the investigations were concluded. As well as the calls that always involve Fr Moussie Zerai.

Among the papers also some telephone conversations regarding other intercepted journalists: “The bitter aftertaste of this whole affair is to have the confirmation that those who had to protect me instead intercepted me – he told AdnKronos Nancy Porsia – That’s for sure. My life was in danger and they knew it. ”

“Why transcribe those conversations? – the journalist then wondered – In fact, not everything that was said by me in six months was transcribed, because 30 thousand pages would not have been enough for my wiretapping alone. Only some parts were transcribed “. Nancy Porsia then pointed the finger at the Ministry of the Interior, headed by Marco Minniti at the time: “I was intercepted for six months in an investigation into NGOs, when I did little or nothing about NGOs. Let’s face it, they intercepted with an excuse. The request to intercept me did not come from the Prosecutor of Trapani but from the Judicial Police. And the Prosecutor allowed it. They wanted to know what I had in hand, with the excuse of those investigations. I was intercepted by the Ministry of the ‘ Internal not as a suspect or under investigation, but as a free citizen “.

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