A fisherman was “swallowed” by a whale (which then spat it out) – Corriere.it

A fisherman was “swallowed” by a whale (which then spat it out) – Corriere.it
A fisherman was “swallowed” by a whale (which then spat it out) – Corriere.it

Bad adventure for a lobster spear fisherman in Massachusetts.

The man was swallowed From one megattera a Cape Cod but he was saved thanks to a cough of the cetacean.

I thought I was going to die, he said Michael Packard at the Cape Cod Times and on WBZ-Tv News. Suddenly I felt a push and a second later it was all black: I was entirely inside the whale.

Agitating inside the mammal – in whose mouth he remained for about thirty seconds – the man would have bothered him to the point of being spit out, so he managed to save himself: he came out of the accident only with a suspected sprained knee , as reported by the BBC.

Now his wife would like him to stop diving, but he doesn’t want to give up a 40-year career.

The fear of a shark

Humpback whales can grow up to 15 meters and weigh around 36 tons. According to the World Wildlife Fund, their world population is around 60,000.

Packard, 56, said he and his crew mate took their boat, the Ja’n J, off Herring Cove on Friday morning, in excellent sea conditions and visibility.

He then explained that he jumped off the ship in scuba gear into the water and heard a shot almost immediately and everything went dark.

He thought he was attacked by one of the great white sharks swimming in the area, but then he touched the walls and noticed that there were no teeth. And then I realized, ‘Oh my God, I’m in a whale’s mouth and it’s trying to swallow me. Here, I’m going to die, he said he thought.

Packard, who married and has two children, ages 12 and 15, said he later realized the whale was rising to the surface, heard her shake her head, and then found himself outside.

Accidental fact

Humpback whales are not aggressive – specifically they are not towards humans – nor can they eat humans: their esophagus is too small to do so. These whales tend to feed by opening their mouths to swallow as many prey as possible, but the edible ones are fish and krill. Marine scientists are pretty sure what happened to Packard was purely accidental.

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