boom in purchases (and research). All data –

boom in purchases (and research). All data –
boom in purchases (and research). All data –

Boom in requests for houses in tourist resorts. Already now in the most popular vacation spots there is a full house for rent for next summer. There is the desire to leave behind 15 terrible months but the choice of the house to rent is often dictated by reasons of prudence (the house is judged to be safer from a health point of view than hotels) and also by economic reasons. But there is also more: it is growing a lot the demand for housing to be purchased in a holiday resort, especially at the sea and the lake, and often talk about second house not entirely precise because in many cases we are looking for a real estate arrangement to be used even out of season and to work in smart working.

At the end of April requests increased by three figures

We asked the portal to compare the demand and supply situation today with that of a year ago in the main marine areas of Italy and the results leave no room for doubt: at the end of April the requests increased to three figures compared to a year ago and are at an all time high. The analysis concerned 29 tourist areas and the results are summarized in the table that we publish. The Romagna Riviera recorded an increase of as much as 286 percent on an annual basis; slightly less (+270 per cent) the increase in the Abruzzo coast and the Gulf of Cagliari (+ 268%). The smallest increase (in any case it is +64 per cent) is recorded in the Pelagie Islands.

The biggest increases? To the Pelagie Islands

The analysis of also presents the indications of the average price requested in the districts; we do not report them because they are values ​​calculated between very different extremes: in the seaside resorts the price differences between the beachfront houses, the most backward ones and those in the hinterland are very pronounced and from the announcements, if no precise indication of the location of the property, it is not easy to understand what exactly is being proposed. The greatest trend price increase, however, is recorded in Pelagie Islands (Lampedusa and Linosa) with + 26.6%, followed by Amalfi Coast, with + 14.1%.

The most expensive town: Portofino

Another analysis on the prices of concerns the municipalities, in this case the oscillation between the minimum and maximum values ​​is more reduced and we report the top ten prices which in any case must be read taking into account that these are places where the number of very low sales. The result, however, is not surprising because it sees in the first places the places that have emerged for years as the most expensive from all the market surveys carried out on sales and not on offers. In first place then there is Portofino (almost 10 thousand euros per meter), followed by Positano and Capri; just behind Forte dei Marmi. Even in this case, however, these are average values ​​because the prices for top properties can reach double what is indicated.

A second home to work in

The second home market had recorded a dramatic stop in 2012, with the introduction of the IMU, for a few years the top localities had also experienced a strong backlash for the fear that the possession of a prestigious home would be used by the Revenue as a an income indicator to be compared with what was declared. Since 2017, there has been an increase in sales in line with that of the market of the capitals. However, prices have always fallen over the last ten years. But those who buy generally do so to have a good retreat in which to go without booking and without giving an account to anyone and they cannot evaluate the purchase with the logic of investment because it is a pleasure – of life which, for how expensive in terms of immediate disbursement and management costs, as the advertising note of a banking circuit says, is priceless. Of course, if, in addition to being on holiday, you buy a second home in order to work there, from a strictly financial point of view the operation appears more reasonable.


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