his tweet becomes the world’s top trend

his tweet becomes the world’s top trend
his tweet becomes the world’s top trend

With a sound 0-3 Italy surprised everyone, breaking down the Turkish wall and starting off in a great way EURO 2020.

The boys of Mancini they unlocked the result thanks to an own goal by Demiral and in itself this is a historical event, since it had never happened that the opening match of the Europeans was opened by an own goal.

Would you have predicted it? But most of all, you would have bet on Turkey-Italy 0-3 with autos scorers Demiral, Immobile and Insigne?

Well, a Lecce fan apparently yes, since his prediction, posted via a tweet this morning, turned out to be correct and is now literally doing the world Tour.

Tens of thousands of interactions and numerous comments from foreign fans who ask for the results of the next matches of the competition.

The answer from VaneJuice (nickname on Twitter)? A post on the Lecce: Mancosu’s photo and ironic description “Lecce has just been added to the football Twitter map. Starting from the bottom now we are here. “


tweet worlds top trend

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