Covid. In the Ferrara area reached the milestone of 100 thousand immunized. From Monday the whole region in the white zone

Covid. In the Ferrara area reached the milestone of 100 thousand immunized. From Monday the whole region in the white zone
Covid. In the Ferrara area reached the milestone of 100 thousand immunized. From Monday the whole region in the white zone

FERRARA. No deaths and no hospitalization in the Ferrara area, and eight new positive cases offset by as many recoveries. The infections (out of 63 swabs reported) are essentially concentrated on Cento (6 cases), and also involve Bondeno and Copparo with one each, while the recovered are in Cento (1), Ferrara (2), Terre del Reno (3) , Tresignana (1) plus a resident outside the province. Quarantines are also down: 17 people placed in home isolation, while 22 have completed the surveillance period. In Cona, 15 patients are hospitalized in the Covid ward, of which two in Intensive Care and one in Pediatric Surgery. Seven patients at the Delta hospital and the same number at the Santissima Annunziata di Cento.

The data continue to be comforting, in the province as well as in the whole of Emilia Romagna. So much so that the regional councilor Raffaele Donini, he anticipated that from Monday 14 June the region will be in the white zone, pending the official status of the ministry.

One hundred thousand immunized with double dose

The vaccination campaign has reached 271,038 administrations and 100,000 double-dose vaccinations have been exceeded. Specifically, 101,060 Ferraresi have completed the vaccination cycle and therefore can be considered immunized against Covid-19. An important milestone, reached on Thursday 10 June, “made possible by the efficient organizational machine set up by the ASL of Ferrara which from 27 December (the first Vaccine day) to 10 June, allowed for 271,038 vaccinations ( of which 169,978 first doses and 101,060 second doses) – we read in a note from the USL that also recalls the overcoming of the goal of four thousand daily doses: on Thursday there were 4,410, of which 3,278 first doses and 1,132 reminders.

“Over 100 thousand people from Ferrara are immunized against the coronavirus – analyzes the general manager of the Usl Company, Monica Calamai – and it is an unexpected result, the result of the tireless work of our health workers and of all those who, for various reasons, have contributed to the success of the vaccination campaign, with particular reference to voluntary associations. We do not stop: the epidemiological picture has improved, herd immunity is approaching but we must never let our guard down ”.

As for vaccinations for minors, for which reservations were open on 7 June, please note that the minor must be accompanied by one or both parents or their delegate for vaccination. In the first case, two documents are required: the consent form signed by both the minor and the parent who writes; and self-certification that both parents are informed. In the second case, the proxy signed by the parent is also required, together with the original or photocopied identity card of the same and the identity document of the delegate. The necessary forms are available on the website

In the region

In Emilia Romagna, 139 new positives were identified out of 19,786 swabs performed, with a rate of 0.7%). The healed increase (+649) and active cases (-515) and hospitalizations (-15) are still decreasing. Five deaths, three in Bologna, one in Piacenza and one in Parma.

The situation of infections in the provinces can be seen Bologna with 25 new cases and Cesena with 24, followed by Ravenna (17) e Parma (16); then Modena (15), Rimini (10), Reggio Emilia e Forlì (both with 9 cases). Then Ferrara (8), Imola district (4)e Piacenza (2).

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